Thursday, March 30, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

Winnie the Pooh, where are you?

It was a sad day yesterday. So many promises made. Pre-orders taken, hundreds of dollars in equiptment purchased. Time, effort. All flew away yesterday.

A famous bee keeper once said, "Give them a reason to stay and they will award you with sweet honey."

What reason did King Bee, A.K.A Honey Man, also known as Killer give his Bee's to stay? Water mixed with store brand sugar to feed on? A bee hive facing the wrong direction? No love and not enough attention? He did nothing. So, yesterday, sometime between 10 am and 2 pm, the bee's left the hive. Leaving a empty, clean hive behind. They took all the honey and left.

Killer noticed something unusual when he was on his Murray lawn tractor. There were no bee's stirring. He usually see's bee's exiting and entering the hive. He quickly went to the hive and lifted up each chamber. One by one, the boxes were lifted and the gut wrenching feeling was overwelming. He moved to the steps of the pool and threw his arms in the air, "Why me, why me" All the time and effort, for nothing. All his bee's were gone.

He told me this story today. He was emotional, removing his glasses several times to wipe away the tears. He had been hoping for some honey in July. He has been nursing these bee's along all winter. His wife purchased honey jars, he promised everyone a taste of his hard work and effort. All for nothing.

So i propose March 29 as "Bee Day".

Married with Children

So my husband took some time off to spend w/the family..........

OR SO HE SAYS!!! He originally told me he was going to be home with us for two weeks after the baby was born. Very nice, I'm thinking, cause I had a c-section and was going to need the help. Week one his mom was here to help and they spent some nice time together running around and playing w/the kids. Week two kicks in and all of a sudden, he has to work Monday, part of the day Tuesday and Wednesday. "But don't worry, I'll be able to pick T-dog up from school." Yeah right -- I get that call 30 minutes from dismissal, "Can you run over and get the boy??" As I'm limping around trying to load the girls up into the minivan, "Sure - not a problem." I muster up my pride and pain and drive over and pick him up. Okay.

"I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to help you at home." Great! I'm thinking I may be able to either A) catch up on laundry B) catch up on sleep OR C) Just love on the baby for a while since the middle child has become such a diva since the new baby has arrived. "Killer and I are going to go pull his boat out of the water and bring it over to clean it up and get ready for the summer. The Diva child can stay outside and run around with us in the morning, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours." I'm still fine by that. Then OUT of the blue, plans change and now they are going to take his boat down to the water and give it a test run --- this on top of the other crap he wants to do could possibly mean that once again he's off doing his own thing all day while I'm stuck here struggling with the little ones. Does he not understand that sometimes a sista' just needs a little help?? Wouldn't I love the luxery of taking off for a couple of hours by myself to do something fun........

So I bascially had to bring out the crazy part in me and snap on his ass for a minute. I let him know how I felt about "all the help" he's given me. Part of what I unleashed on him was hormones and the other part was lack of sleep - so you pretty much understand how ugly the whole situation got. And poor Killer was here to see it all. Unfortuantely, all of Killer's bees either escaped or died (RIP) so he was a bit emotional too. Especially when his so called friend turned on him while I was yelling and said, "That boat is HIS problem." (I thought I'd put that in there so Killer can reflect those harsh words.)

Anyhoo - this is the first time I've gotten to blog since the baby. She is BEAUTIFUL and heaven sent. My sweet precious little girl lights up my day!

Oh - and don't forget to get big T a special happy 6th birthday shout out! We went to Steak and Shake to celebrate - it was horrible.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Top 5 Favorite Songs

# 5 - Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect
Catchy toon. I like the acoustic version as well as the version on the Album. Probably one of the few smashing pumpkins lyrics that make any sense.

# 4 - Blind Melon - No Rain
How can anyone not like the bumble bee girl.

# 3 - Train - Drops of Jupiter
When I first moved to Nashville they had a 3 or 4 day concert deal called River Stages. I don't think Train had hit it big yet. Their concert was like at 11 am on a Saturday. I have liked them since then.

# 2 - Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
No particular reason why I like this song. Video is wired. Lyrics make no sense.

# 1 - Dave Mathews Band - Say Goodbye
There's several versions of this song, and it can be found under a few different titles.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lodge Cast-Iron Open Skillets

Lodge Cast-Iron Open Skillets

Whenever my mother comes to visit I always end up with new kitchen items. This trip I made the purchase of a cast iron skillet. I believe its the best thing I have ever purchased to date. For example, I made bisquits in it this morning in the oven, wiped it out, cooked some eggs and bacon in it and put together some quality bacon and egg biscuits. Even the boy had a few.

Yesterday morning we had pancakes. I made a pancake the size of the frying pan and put it on a plate in front of the boy. "Deal or no deal / Fear factor" I told him i would pay him 10$ to eat that pancake within 30 minutes. He agreed. At the 15 minute mark i stopped him and tried the "Deal or No Deal" tactic, offering 5$ and he could stop. He said "No Deal" He finished the pancake with a minute to spare and it cost me $10 bucks. His birthday is this week so I guess ill just add that to the bill.

I havent been to work in over a week and a half. Ive been dealing with the new baby and working from home. Tommorow will be the first day I have set foot in the office. Im glad its only going to be for a few hours. I have to work on Wed. as well. I was suppose to have the 2 weeks off. But I guess when your saving lives like I do it's all part of the job.

Well, got to wipe now.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Date Night at the Hospital

It's Saturday night and we are still in the hospital. Olivia is still undergoing phototherapy for jaundice. If all goes well we will have her home Monday. My mom is flying down on Tuesday for the week to help.

Jen is doing well. She is up and walking. We've ordered pizza, ate mexican and drank milk shakes for the past 3 nights. Ive set up a mini movie theatre in our room. We've watched several movies. The 6 channels the hospital gets doesnt provide much entertainment.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Just for the record I made it through the c-section. I even closed up for the doctor.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

7 lbs 10 ounces
19 3/4 *inch

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!

Wooo hooo! We were originally scheduled to be there at 1pm, but they called us a couple of hours ago and asked us to come in at 9:30 am instead! I'm a bit bummed cause I was going out for a mani & pedi in the morning to help relax. So instead, I'm now fasting and trying to calm my nerves before my little one gets here!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Ever feel alone?

I do and I have 2.5 kids and a husband.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

So I'm 37 Weeks Pregnant

and if I ever thought my life was hell before - it is now. I'm miserable. I have this itch thing going on and can't sleep. When I do sleep, I wake myself up cause I'm snoring now. I'm fat and tired. And my husband gives me NO sympathy. The only good thing I have going is knowing that it will soon be over - March 15th is a week away. But then I'll have THREE to take care of and I wonder if being pregnant is the better alternative. I've learned the hard way what causes this pregnancy stuff and I vow to never do this again. Three kids is overkill - way too much baggage - we will be out numbered and that's not good. One would of been plenty! But here I sit, pregnant w/my 3rd. I can only hope that one of them will take care of me when I'm old. Hopefully I'll be bloggin' when I'm 70 and they will be able to read the sacrifice I made from them while they were in the womb.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Bubba Burgers and Airline Flights

Man. I love Bubba Burgers. Love them. 6.99 for a box of 6. Put them on the grill, flip them when you see it bubble on top.

The name Olivia is official. I just purchased airline tickets for July. Cost me $100 to change. So the name is in stone.