Monday, January 30, 2006

The Wife's Point of View

Let’s fast-forward one night to Sunday night. My son is still huddled in his room, not talking much. His rather rambunctious baby sister, who has been sick for about three weeks straight, is finally feeling better. She has so much energy and excitement built up in her that she would wear out the Energizer Bunny. My husband had to get her out of the house for a couple of hours because she was literally running into the walls.

So the family sits down to a nice Sunday dinner that my husband prepared, followed by bed time baths and medicine. I snuggle them into bed hoping and praying for some normalcy back into our lives. As I’m negotiating with God about what I’ll give up and never do again if he just lets the kids get through this night without getting sick – I forgot one important person…… husband.

At about 11 o’clock, I hear this horrible screaming noise that literally makes me sit straight up in bed. I was trembling with fear it was so scary. As I listen more closely, I realize that it is my husband…….but what the hell is he doing? Did he fall? Is he hurt? As I get up to find him, I slowly grasp the fact that he is in the bathroom. But is he hugging or ass-hogging the porcelain God? I’m fearful to open the door because of what I may see on the other side.

I quietly ask, “Are you okay?” and the only response I get is silence. Still afraid of what I may see – I wait in the darkness, wondering, curious. Another horrible scream followed by a pouring sound into the toilet…….but what orifice is it coming from I wonder? Again – more intense screaming. He whispers, “I’m puking, I’m dieing.” Then more screaming and now grunting. “Oh shit!” he yells. I respond, “What? What? Are you okay?” “No seriously, now I’m shitting, I need a bucket.” Oh no – the bug has hit him and hit him hard. “Please shower”, I yell as head off to bed. I’m fearful of what the bathroom may look like in the morning.

I honestly say this, I would rather deal with two small sick children than a grown, adult sick male. I’d rather be puked on by my daughter than listen to his whining and gripping about how he’s going to die, how much it hurts and what he needs. I had to turn off my house phone and cell phone so he would stop calling me from the bedroom to come check on him. He talked our son into getting the walkie-talkies going so I had to confiscate them.

I pray tomorrow will be a better day. If not, I will run away.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pouring out both ways

Shit, piss, vomit.

Story of my life lately. Everyone is sick in my house. and cleaning puke and shit seems to be the norm. I know the "cough" my daughter has when puke is on its way. I have been waking up by it for the last three weeks.

My wife took my son, whos 6 and my daughter who is 18 months to the doctors on saturday. This is one saturday Im glad i went to work. She called me in tears around lunch time. Long story short, my son puked everywhere in the doctors office, couldnt keep anything down. SO the doctor gave him some sort of rectal probe medicine deal, not once , but twice. OUCH. He has strep throat. He had a 102 degree fever. It was so pitiful the nurse brought him to the car in a wheel chair. He didnt move from his room all day yesterday, he was huddled in the corner.. violated. Its something we just dont talk about. Perhaps this experience will keep him out of prison later in life. As a consilation prize i got him a new tv from walmart and put it in his room.

I told my wife last night, if im sick and in the hospital. Do not allow anything in my ass.