Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Odds and Ends

A lot going on so far this summer. Jen has been working a little bit (Why cant she just stay home and watch the kids??) Ive been busy at work. We got a family YMCA membership so the family has been going at night. My wife and I have a bet, who ever can get to their goal weight gets a $100 per pound. Needless to say I have been baking cookies and cakes a lot.

We also got a babysitter for our week away in sept or october. Jen wants to go to Europe.. I guess I don't really care. I would be fine with a week on a beach someplace. I have called a few travel agencys about a Europe trip so Ill see what they send me.

Anyways... got to wipe.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breaking News

I heard through a reliable source that Cottons Bee's have AGAIN dissapeared. This time there were some dead bee's around the hive. I got this from 2 reliable sources. More details to come.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Me, My Wife and a Rack

Tyler and I went on a bike ride in MT.Juliet.. a few miles up the road. This was a excuse to visit my local butcher. Even though the butcher shop isnt all that big, i got Tyler settled in with a bag of chips and a chocolate milk while I browswed the fine selection of dead pig a cow. After about 30 minutes I purchased a pound of bacon, 1 full rack of baby back ribs and a 7 lb boston but.

At dinner me and the old lady had a mother's day celebration and ate the rack of ribs and some corn.

Develop a relationship with your local butcher. Boycot grocery store meat.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

June 17th - The Great American Smoke Out

Saturday June 17th at Cotton's house (since hes the only one rich enough to own a pool) will be the 1st annual Great American Smoke Out.

So far we have three confirmed entrys.

I will be entering in my world famous pulled pork sandwich, servered over homemade fried corn bread with your choice of a sweet or vinegar barbcue sauce. Rumor has is Cotton will be entering in chicken with some homegrown honey barbcue sauce. The Bulldog has been rather quiet, but I believe its some sort of beef product.

The event will be covered live via the wireless internet camera.