Friday, June 30, 2006

Depart BNA @ 1300 Hours

Today the old lady and I are departing from BNA to Chicago with the girls. Ought to be fun.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mother In Laws

We ate four of her Steaks she had hidden in the freezer. I also found the old mans hiding spot and grabbed two propane tanks :)

Thanks for the orange soda!

June 28 - 2006

Woke up this morning, no work. Fired up my newly aquired Sunshine Grill Series 4000. Sunshine Grill Made some breakfast for the family, pancakes, eggs and toast and of course bacon. It wasnt butcher bacon, but the butcher was closed. I've come to the conclusion i need a bigger house with bigger outdoor cooking space. I dont have enough room to get all my grills in one spot. I also need to expand froma 2 bay garage to 3 bay so i can fit more junk.

Two more days at home then off to chicago for the weekend. Family reunion. Im so excited (not really) to go. I dont know anyone and its probably going to be 200 degrees. All i have to look foward to is a big smoke out 4th of July. 8 racks of ribs, 1 boston butt and 2 beer can chickens.

Well time to wipe.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - June 25

Day one of the trip was great. We were able to take our single day tickets to the park after 4 pm and get free half day passes. Everyone did the rides (well except me, i dont do rides) last night. No lines, no waiting. We drank 3$ bottles of water, being careful not to spill a drop. Heres a few pictures:

Jen and Tyler went on the Hellevator. I couldnt believe Tyler would want to go on that. (Hellevator)I went on the old fashioned cars and the ferris wheel.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brinkmann Smoker Modifications

Many have asked what modifications were done to make world class ribs, ribs that propelled me to the top of the podium in the 1st annual Smoke Off.

I cut a small 3 inch vent into the top lid of the smoker. The hole is located between the handle brackets. I cut a circle slightly larger than the vent hold that swivels to open and shut the top vent. I fasted the vent cover with a pop rivet. I relocated one of the handle brakets so the handle sits a little offset. This provides free movement of the vent to open and shut. I also drilled a small hole to the side of the vent to place my thermometer into to monitor the temp of the smoker. I recommend the webber replacement thermometer, you can get it at the depot for around $10.

This next modification is probably the most important mod of all. I took a spare cooking grate from another grill and cut a 4 1/2 inch strip of sheet metal to form a ring around the cooking grate. I fasted the grate to the ring with pop rivets and some scrap pieces of sheet metal. This is the new charcoal pan. The new charcoal basket sits on top of the old charcoal pit that came with the smoker. The added space allows for air flow and a place for the ash to fall through and not collect and choke out the burning charcoal. You can buy a sheet of metal from the dept for around $5. It will be more than enought to do all modifications.

I also drilled several 1" holes in the silver charcoal pan that came with the brinkmann smoker. Again, better airflow from the bottom. Also will allow ash to filter out of the smoker without choking out the airflow.

Lastly, I created a air vent at the bottom of the firepan. I placed a piece of sheet metal that pivots side to side to open and close the air vents. This makes regulating your air flow and keeping your temps in range. I drilled several 1" holes in a pie shape so i can regulate how much air enters the smoker.

Aftter doing these simple modifications I am able to hold a constant temp for several hours using minimal charcoal. If you have the less expensive Brinkmann smoker (fire pan and smoker all one piece) you can go to the link below and view some modifications.

Brinkmann Mods

Another great resource for smoking is:

Virtual Weber Bullet

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Results Are In

There was definitely some tense moments in yesteday's smokeout. Somebody stole Cotton's Boston Butt, Bulldog almost passed out several times while transporting his gear from his car to the back yard AND suffered an anxiety attack when he forgot his tortillas. I on the other hand stayed calm and cool, cooked some great ribs and stuck to my game plan.

As you can see in the following picture, Cotton looks intimidated by my Modified Brinkman Smoker. He also looked at me with a "fruity" look. Kind of made me feel uncomfortable.

After about a hour of cooking, I added my ribs. I got two excellent racks of ribs from the butcher, seasoned them up the night before with my special rub, soaked them in my vinegar brew and gently put the on the smoker. Carefully study my stance and concentration in the picture below. You can certainly tell that this wasn't my first rodeo.

About 3 hours into the smoke I gave my pork boston butt a bath with my vinegar mix and spritzed them with some apple juice. Please appreciate the care and attention IM giving my pork.

King cotton suffered some set backs on his Chargriller smoker/grill. He ran some extremely high temperatures for the first few hours of the smoke. He claimed that it was a technique used to sear the meat. I think he had too much charcoal. With the help from the postmaster (have you ever lost a package in the mail??) they turned out some excellent chicken and boston butt. The post man served up a tender pork loin. One thing that disturbed me was I was under the impression the post man was bringing his own cooking apparatus. Instead, he and cotton shared a grill. How cute was that. Isn't there a saying, Never touch another mans pickup truck or grill? I guess they done play like that.

Bulldog made some excellent chicken fahitas (my wife was nice enough to go to the stinky market to save the day) and some succulent shrimp on the grill. He also got great praise with the beef shish kabobs. Side note... his knife work was excellent. Although he has a advantage over the rest of us with only 4 fingers. Rumor has it, the bulldog was packed up and ready to go home when he was summoned to the kitchen to cook some sort of banana dessert contraption.

Overall the event was succesful. Everybody left happy and full. I used so much apple wood for the smoke my farts all night saturday and sunday smelled like apples. Pretty cool. Kind of like eating asparagus, but I guess thats a seperate blog.

Im kind of suprised my man Rod didnt show up, its not like him to miss a free meal. If you recall hes the one who burned down his deck and part of his house with a turkey frier. But rumor has it that his lovely wife is not allowing him to hang out with the crew because she feels we are a bad influence.

The big suprise of the event was Cottons secret weapon. He spoke about a tool that was going to put his deal over the top. Apparently the laugh was on me. They all may feel they pulled one over on me, even the canadian was in on it. And by trusting her I violated my number one rule of french people, never trust them. BUT just remember, pay back is always better. They shouldnt expect internet access when they get back to work.

Stay tuned on the date of the next event. I heard that my women was putting together a flyer.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Live Web Cam For Smoke Out


Friday, June 16, 2006

News Flash

Cotton reported as being seen robbing fresh honey from the bee hives. More details to follow.

News Flash
Bulldog has been spotted at Sams Club purchasing meet before coming to work. It has been reported the meat is festering in the sun.

Door Incident

The girl had a medical emergency yesterday at the YMCA. She ran into a heavy door and almost broke her toe. After some xrays all looked well. Her big toe nail broke in half and blood was everywhere. Luckily she had a pedicure the week before so her toes looked nice for the doctor.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Web Cam Goes Mobile

This Saturday we will be broadcasting !!Live!! from Cottons 1st Annual Smoke Out. Be sure to toon in.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Change of Plans

Well my Europe trip turned into a Alaska trip which then turned into a Maine trip. How you ask? 3 kids and nobody crazy enough to watch em. So.. we are going to Maine for Thanksgiving.

In two weeks we are packing up and going to Louisville Kentucky to Six Flags. Not really my idea of fun, but the kids will enjoy. Perhaps there will be some bikini's running around. Speaking of bikini's, my wife called me Friday at work and told me there were a stable of girls laying out in the neibors yards. You think she would have the courtesy to photograph such a thing? No. When we get back from Six Flags we are off to Chicago. The boy will be driving up with his grandmother, me on the other hand is letting a jet take me. That will be a quick weekend thing.

I have a big BBQ cook off this weekend. Several months ago we had a jerk off (beef jerky), the winnder should have been disqualified do to using pre made spice. I got my smoker all set. Did some minor modifications to it. I put in a aftermarket temp guage, put in a few key vents for air flow. I should be good to go. Speaking of BBQ, man the butcher dissapointed me today. I have been trying to build a relationship with my butcher for a month or so now. I went there today, and wanted a nice flank steak. Of course he didnt have anything. I went to publics and bought it. I think I may be switching to publics for my meat needs.

Speaking of a shitty week, somebody broke into my car (well not really broken into, more like opened up the door) and stole my electric razor. If you know me you know I have a hard enough time shaving. Stupid shits didnt even take my satelite radio. Ohh well.