Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thought of the day - Children's Toothpaste

Children's toothpaste is made to taste like bubblegum. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? And, for the record, it's not bubblegum it takes like..........

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Upper Cumberland Air Show

Tyler, Bulldog and I ventured out to the airshow today. Skip on over to: to see some pics!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thought for the day - When you ask a 3-year old a question...

Expect them to answer honestly:

At Abbe's 3-year old well check on Monday, the doctor asked her what her name was, favorite color and if she was a boy or a girl. Abbe said, "I'm a girl. Boys have cooties and girls have vaginas." The doctor said, "That's right!"

Tyler was screwing around jumping on the couch after I asked him to stop, he continued. He feel and Abbe says to him, "How'd that feel? Huhhh? How'd that feel Tyler?"

Then last night when we left the mall, she told me she was bitter. I said, "Your bitter? About what?" and she said, "I'm bitter cause we have to leave the mall."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thought for the day - BE SPECIFIC

Ask your husband to load the dishwasher, but more specifically, ask him to start it since it's full. Nothing like waking up to no clean dishes, but a dishwasher full of dirty dishes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 Contest

Sorry - my internet bit the dust for about a week and I'm trying to adjust to normal life again.....but I wanted to share my story with everyone and thank everyone again for voting for me. Here's the scoop!!

The article is in this week's People Magazine (the missing British girl is on the front) and the date is 9/24. It's on page 175. There are some great pictures in there that I think may have been photoshopped - but it's all good! And, there is a picture in there of the family in which I look about a foot taller than Jason! It looks like I could kick his ass.....and maybe I will! :)

Ericka (People reporter), Jorge (stylist), Brian (video), Michael (still photographer) and John David (Michael's assistant) all came into Nashville to take me shopping. We hit the mall at Green Hills at 10 am. It was a trying, but successful day which ended at about 10:15 pm. I never, ever thought that shopping could be so much work, but spending $3,000 and buying nothing on sale was tough for me. Thankfully, they selected Green Hills to do it, and since nothing there is under a hundred bucks, it wasn't too hard. My entourage in tow!

They spoiled me rotten. I picked up some really expensive pieces of clothing, but sometimes had to remind them that the kids wipe snot on me and fling diapers at me. My favorite, a BCBG brown sweater jacket that was *cough cough* $220. Yep. In my old days, I could cloth my entire family with that, but they've created a MONSTER now! I'm all about designers, send me an email if your interested.

The next day started just as early for the fashion shoot of the after pictures. I was sad to see everyone go, but I couldn't convince them to stay in Nashville, they wanted to go back to NYC.

People asked me to 'keep quiet' about winning until their big reveal on the Today Show on 9/12. Going to NYC for the show was the coolest thing ever. NBC set me up with everything. My changing room? The changing room where the cast of SNL gets ready. Makeup and hair? Not one, but THREE people from the Louis Lacari salon working on me. It was wild - this is coming from a girl that is sometimes lucky to get dressed (and remember a bra) and if I'm lucky enough to get a shower without one of the kids joining me, I may or may not get to even wash my hair. And makeup? Yeah, I don't own it cause it would be used to finger paint.

I saw Ericka, the reporter again (she's in the video) and she's as nice as can be. Louis Lacari and all of his staff were amazingly friendly and so much fun. They made me feel at ease. He charges more for a color/cut/style than I pay for my house payment each month - but after having it done, I can see why.

Now I'm back home, in Hermitage. I came home to three screaming kids and while my husband decided to continue his travels up to Maine to visit family. I knew I was home when I walked in the door and heard the two girls screaming and fighting over a dirty diaper that Olivia ripped off herself all while Tyler was sitting, eyes glazing at the TV over a video game.

It was fun and I thank EVERYONE that voted for me. My internet friends, family, Jo-Jo and her Milwaukee Kiss radio station, Woody & Jim on 107.5, 95.1 the Wolf, my peeps at St. Stephens and anyone else I missed! I appreciate it so much!

Today Show

Sunday, September 16, 2007

More about me from the Tennessean...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

High School Musical on Ice

Today was the big show - High School Musical on Ice at the Summit in Nashville. Got Abbe and Tyler all cleaned up and off we went for a fun filled day of "signing and dancing all on ice". It was bad, but not as bad I thought but I have preconceived negative thoughts about the show so maybe I'm not the one to ask. Tyler and Abbe on the other hand, loved it. They danced and sang along. They sipped their $20 slushy drinks. They laughed and "ooooohhhh"'d at some of the tricks.

I got a glimpse of what my future holds with young girls. Whenever "Zac" was on ice, the young girls in the crowed screamed. Not the normal scream, but the 10-year old loud pitch, gut wrenching, nails down a chalk board scream.....yeah that one. It was horrible.

Here are a few flicks of our day:

Yeah - well I tried but my computer and internet are POS so you'll have to use your imagination!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today Show

It's all over.. Today Show aired, 5:22 seconds :) She did great. I think she missed her true calling. She belongs in front of the camera. After the Today Show she did something for Access Hollywood. When we were walking back to the Hotel people recognized her on the streets.

If you haven't seen the video, go to :

She is also on .. rigt hand side. 3 videos and a article. The magazine comes out this week. We saw a preview of the magazine today and she looked great! She shares the cover with J Lo ;)

We also got a nice suprise, a dvd from the photographer.. im hoping it contains the photo's he took.

You have new Picture Mail!

we are people magazines office now...
enroute to the Today show.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trip Update 8:51 PM EST

Took our last walk around this evening before the big day tommorow. We happen to walk by the Today Show set and low and behold Jen's outfits were on the manicans. That was kind of cool to see. There were people inside cleaning things up and getting the set ready for the AM.

Trip Update 6:25 PM EST

Dave Letterman update, we sat in the first row.. had great seats. Didnt make it on camera though. I believe after the comedian we had a brief camera fly by.

Dave was good, Doctor Phil was good, comedian sucked.. Suzanne vega died a long time ago. Best part of the show was the videos between commercial breaks.

We had to clap and smile the hole show, my face hurts and my arms are tired.

Trip Update 12:34 PM EST

Nailed some Letterman tickets!! Tonight's show. Im willing to put a bet that Jennifer will be on the Letterman show.

Also, Jennifers proposed time on the Today show is 9:35 AM CENTRAL time.

Trip Update 10:38 AM EST

Signed up for David Letterman tickets for tonight. We will see.

Trip Update 8:57 AM EST

Just woke up, guess we missed the start of the Ground Zero Ceramony. Raining anyway. Jennifer is bummed, Matt Lauer is going to Iraq or something so she wont get to meet him tomorow.

Going to walk down to Adorama Camera today, thinking about nailing a new 40D.

Jennifer has her fitting today at 11:00 AM. Then probably have another 70 $ lunch or something.

Dont forget to Visit: Camera Lens Blog for more pictures.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Trip Update 9:37 PM EST

Had a little Olive Garden on Times Square...

Travel Update 5:11 PM EST

Made it to the hotel. We didnt have a room for about a hour. The guy in the room thought NBC was extending his stay, but they kicked him out. Havent seen Jennifer yet, she's off getting her hair colored red or something. I just nailed a moster roast beef sandwich and some cool ranch dorito's.

Hotel room is small, i hope i dont get gas tonight, could be deadly.. no place to run. Here's a few pictures. My notebook screen sucks,, so these are staright from the memory card, resized.

Travel Update 1:18 PM EST

Just landed in LGA, rainy and overcast. Waiting on my shuttle. Jennifer called - she was just at NBC studios and saw Matt Lauer two times. It may be my lucky night tonight - thanks Matt!

Travel Update 11:47 AM EST

Flight delayed. LGA fogged in. I may be here for a long time.

Travel Update 11:02 AM EST

Just got in Philadelphia airport. Rainy, 80 degrees. Airport is kinda run down and dirty. Called home and all the kids seem to be still alive. Tyler made it to school. When i spoke to Jennifer she was in her Limo (she had a guy in baggage claim with her name on the card board deal) on the way to the hotel from Newark Airport.

I'm starvin and you all know my policy on airport food, i may have to gather some MM's or something thats sealed in a bad and doesn't require any preperation.

Next adventure, finding the "Blue Shuttle" van i paid 16 bucks to drop my happy butt off in front of the hotel.

Travel Update 6:07 AM

Sitting at Nashville International Airport, Gate B10 about a hour and forty minutes before my flight leaves. Jennifer should be boarding her flight now. She flies directly into Newark, I go to Philadelphia then onto Laguardia.

We were up this morning at 4:15 am. The early rise and shine is throwing off my dump schedule. Could be a interesting next couple of hours...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


HOT DAMN!! Abbe Mae's back in school two days a week! Here she is on her first day, yesterday. She was so excited and all set up with her Dora shirt, backpack and lunch box. She was sad that Olivia couldn't come for about a minute. Then she told me to get Olivia and to leave.

*Notice Olivia walking Abbe Mae to school with her purse!

Monday, September 3, 2007


So I invited us over to Melissa's house last night. Got the girls all bathed and in their jammies and quickly dropped them off at Nana's house. I refer to it as the "drop and run".

Get to Melissa's house around 6 pm. Tyler goes upstairs to play video games with Jimmy. Jason sits on the couch for Nascar. I get into position on the deck withe Melissa. 6:37 we are on our second drink........

By about 9 pm, Melissa sees a skunk in her yard. At first, I think she's just got her beer goggles on, but she pointed it out. I argued that it was a cat but she's positive it's a skunk. "Let's go follow the skunk" she says. "Ok - lets make sure we fill up our drinks first." I have to say, she is the most adventurous drinker I know. First, we walk past her new neighbor's house and she talks about their van. You know the conversion van-type, with blinds and sofa in it? Then we end up peaking in the windows of the next neighbor to critic her decorating-style. Then, the next house, which is for sale, was left unlocked, so we toured that. Still, no skunk in sight.

Walk through the path, which she swears was there but I didn't see, and onto the club house area. Now the community they live in has an amazing pool setup complete with water slide, adult pool, regular pool and kiddie pool. Now, the following events may or may not have taken place, but this IS the story I'm sticking too. No we did not break into the pool with the intent to swim in our underwear, nor lay around drinking drinks on the lounge chairs, use the clubhouse to pee or anything of the sort (well maybe). But we did get caught coming out of the pool, well climbing the fence on top of the water slide. Our story was we saw some teens breaking into the pool so we went in to get them. It was a big ordeal which took over an hour of explaining, chatting, and thanking the good Samaritans for their help to get those dirty scoundrels.

We end up back at her deck around 11ish, so I guess we were gone for a good two hours. STILL, didn't find the skunk. But had a great adventure!

Saturday, September 1, 2007