Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Guess No Means Yes

Another $20 at Joann's today.. ridiculous. So in honor of her purchases I just nailed these two pigs to compliment my new shed. Should have them Monday.

"I done with school!"

Those were Abbe Mae's words this morning when I woke her up for her fourth day of school. She's not a morning person at all and I'm surprised that she's last this long. I always tell her she has lazy bones.

So she wanted to do her own hair this morning. I tried and tried to get her to let me do it, but gave up. It didn't look too bad, THANK GOODNESS I made the clip bows she can slide in and out on her own. She sprayed her hair down, brushed it up and clipped the bow right smack dab in the middle of her forehead. Oh well. At least she's clean, right?

Here she is, of course, posing - I'm not sure where that comes from. Jason asked her where she got her socks and she responded, "The mail." Gotta love!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Banned from yet another store

So I did a little audit on the ‘ol checking account this morning. It didn’t take long before I realized I had a problem.

Apparently one or two bows for the girls aren’t enough. We have to have 100’s per girl. I saw about 10 different charges for Michael and Jo Ann’s Fabric totaling 100’s of dollars. How can F-ing bow’s cost so much? So now, not only is she banned from Wal-Mart, she is banned from any store containing bow or bow making material. Her partner in crime (next door neighbor) is also banned from giving her coupons for these stores. If Sally continues to give her contraband I will have to get Ol’ Harold involved. Just because you have a 40% off coupon doesn’t mean you spend $100. I had my eye on a nice grinder, on sale till Friday.. of course now I can’t afford to buy it, because we had to make 100000 bows in different colors and configurations.

I’ve started a “Banned Store List” on the right column showing all the stores my wife is banned from. Perhaps she ought to .. ohh I dunno.. cook and clean?? Have some dinner waiting on me when I get home, maybe some slippers…??

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On the way home from dance this evening, the girls got into a spat.

Olivia: CRYBABY!! (In her meanest, raspy Olivia voice)

Me: Olivia! That's not nice to say to Abbe Mae!

Abbe Mae: "Crying"

Olivia: I call Abbe Mae crybaby!

Me: Olivia, I do not want to hear you calling her names. It's not nice.

Olivia whispers: CRYBABY

Abbe continues to cry.

Education is Last

That is the feeling I'm getting in the new city I moved too. No money for the kids, go ahead and let them learn from textbooks that are older than they are. Let the cost to heat and light the schools as well as get the kids to and from schools go up - yet we will continue to operate on the same budget.

I'm more irritated cause we moved her FOR the schools. We moved out of Metro to this county because of the better school system. Now there are all kinds of programs and jobs being slashed from schools because we don't want to pass a new tax. Programs that effect my children directly. A tax less than 200 a year on a 300K house. Ughh.

P Diddy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Turning into our Development

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Homework this year for Tyler is way more intense. I see a huge difference this year in the amounts and types of assignments than any previous years. We are spending at least an hour to an hour and a half at night doing homework, then he needs to spend more time studying definitions, reading and spelling words. At parent night, the teacher mentioned this is a year where the children go from learning how to read to reading to learn. It is a transitional year. More critical thinking in his assignments as well.

So I originally agreed to let Tyler take the guitar. I really think with the amount of homework he's getting we need to wait until the first nine weeks (semester) is over. He's very smart and in the advanced program at school, but I don't want to bomb him with things to do. And with guitar, it's something they need to practice 4-5 times a week. After the first report card and he's in his comfort zone, we can add in an extracurricular activity for him.

Line Leader

Today was orientation day in Abbe's pre-k class. They went for two hours without the parents. She was SO EXCITED. I mean just beyond thrilled for this day to arrive. She looked adorable with her Gap khaki capris, yellow-collared shirt and a big-ole-yellow bow in her hair. Just sweet.

Jason and Olivia took her in and in typical Olivia style, that's where the drama began. When the teacher told the kids to line up, Olivia got in line. They walked down to class and were told to put their backpacks away. Olivia tried to, cause you know she brought her HSM backpack along, but there was no spot for her. So Jason said his goodbyes and carried a kicking, screaming and abusive two-year old out to the car where I was waiting.

Any how, when I picked up Abbe Mae at 9:30 she was still excited. She was chosen to be the line leader because of her good behavior. This was BIG TIME for her, she was the cat's meow that's for sure. And they read a story about going to school and did a little hand print project on it. Too cute.

So Monday will be her first official full day of school. Hopefully, she'll still be thrilled to go.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And The Bear Snores On.....

This is one of my favorite children's books. I love how all the animals sneak into the bear's lair and cook popcorn and stay warm all why the bear is snoozing away. SNORTING away!

How does this tie into my current life? Well, my husband is the bear and my children are the midnight partiers. And because of this, I barely slept a wink last night, maybe a full-two hours. Jason (bear) snored all damn night last night - louder than any bear in his lair. Olivia (partier) got up to pee then wanted something to drink, then was cold. This morning, the alarm goes off and he turns it off and goes back to sleep. Because I was finally sleeping, I didn't realize this. I woke up at 6:55 and freaked cause Tyler has to be at school at 7:15. So "I" spring out of bed and get Tyler taken care of. He's almost in tears cause today is donut day in the cafe and he's afraid he missed it.

And the bear snores on.....but in the book there was a happy ending, with everyone dancing and partying. I'm ready to put this bear down.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


That's what I did today to Olivia. I didn't want to hang out and have her cry. When I went to leave, she did scream in her Olivia voice, "MOMMY!" but the teacher kept her busy and we ran out.

On the way in, Abbe Mae told Olivia, "I'm so proud of you going to school Olivia!!" It was the sweetest thing.

Here she is, very unsure about it all today:

Monday, August 18, 2008

If I tell you, I'd have to kill you.....

Look what "someone" made for Olivia. I can't say "who" it was that made it, cause "she" said it's an original. A one-of-a-kind. I think she can go into business and make millions on them, but she prefers to live off the love in her house.

Jason was especially impressed with this gift. He said, "Wow, she even centered the hearts. So professional."

It's the cutest mat-cover I've seen. And, since it's HSM, Olivia was ready to die when she saw it.

Olivia starts school tomorrow! Can't wait!!
No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOO!

If you are an animal lover, I certainly do not mean to offend or hurt any pet lover's feelings, so you may want to stop reading here. Fair warning.

So the last week or so, there have been a group of stray dogs roaming our neighborhood. They come in our yard, scare the crap out of my timid little girls and I chase them off. One day, we woke up to four of them lounging in our back yard, crying like little babies. I seriously thought there was a small child out there, but it was four damn dogs. Oh, they got into the garbage in our garage and made a mess out of it looking for food - not once, but twice.

Jason calls the dog-pound to come get them. They said they would, but they also said they euthanize in a week. Now, I'm not a pet fanatic, but I surly do not want that on my conscious.

So we did what any other family-friendly, loving neighbor would do. Two-by-two Jason loaded them up in the car and drove them to a nicer subdivision down the street and dropped them off.

Except for one. One that showed up last night. He was a little fellow. Scared too. Very timid. He was obviously starving. I was sitting outside while Jason and the girls were out by the shed and the poor dog was in our yard eating bugs. I felt so bad. So I went next door, got a ton of dog food for him. I gave him a big bowl of fresh water. He ate and drank it all. But he was still so afraid and it made me feel horrible.

He laid out in our yard for the next twenty minutes or so, just relaxing his full little belly, rolling around, playing with the bugs. We all went for a walk, and the little puppy followed us the entire time. Not too close to the girls, who were by the way not phased by a dog for once, but close enough to stay with us. Then we all came home. I told Jason I getting soft for the little guy and was ready to keep him.

Thankfully, Jason is not soft. When we came in for baths, Jason and the puppy went down the street to the big, nice farm.

But today he sends me two pictures. Pictures of a dog he wants. And all I have to say to that is NO. He claims the dog will live outside. Where? We live in a subdivision. Sallie doesn't want a dog running around over there. Lola doesn't need any company. I'm not picking up turds from the yard. Not happening.

Even if it looks like this.

Puke and Shots

No, not a fun night out with the girls which would read, Shots and then Puke.

Today, we had to get up early get to the dentist as Abbe and I had an 8 am appointment. But since our dentist is on the other dang side of town, with traffic, I had to give myself 45 minutes to get there. So to get up and out of the house that early, the girls would have to wake up at 6:45 am. Lovely.

After screaming and crying from Olivia, we get in the car and she begins to yell, "I have fever! I'm going to puke!" the entire damn way there. 45 minutes. We get there and she's not running a fever nor puking. Abbe, however, is quiet as a mouse. In the office, Olivia is saying she's going to puke, but I'm thinking she's overtired. Suddenly, Abbe yells, "I'm going to puke!!!" and I know she does not play. I get her outside and she pukes twice in the bushes. I go inside and reschedule our dentist appointments (which is a nightmare in itself). It's only like 8:05 am.

As I load them up into the car and toss away the wipes I used to wipe off her face, Abbe proclaims that she is starving. Off to Sonic for some french toast sticks. I figure, she's hungry, feed her. If her tummy was hurting she wouldn't ask for food. Meanwhile, Olivia is screaming she is going to puke. Neither one of them puked but Olivia was on a mission to make me miserable. It's like 8:35 am and she's still screaming. I call my dad and ask him if he'll watch Olivia cause I have to take Abbe for her 4 year and pre-k physical. He says yes, but I have to drive her allllll the way back over there.

But I'm so glad I did. There was no way I would've survived at the pediatrician's office with the two girls. The place was a madhouse. Every person in Nashville must of been in there to get shots and a physical for school. Poor Abbe ended up with four shots and a prick on her finger for an iron test. I hate shots on my kids. They look at me like I'm purposely hurting them. I always blame in on the nurses, but still. And Abbe is the sweetest child around so it was especially devastating to her.

So we make our way back home and I figure a little retail therapy may help her feel better. She's had a rough day so I tell her she can spend the Target gift cards she got for her birthday. She smiled a little at the thought, so off to Target we go. She wants a camera. A Hannah Montana camera. We get it and get it home and the stupid thing does not work. Apparently someone else had it cause there are pictures of another family on the card. I'm pissed and I have no idea if I've exceed my return limit at Target. What a crappy ending to a crappy day. And it was like 1 pm.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hair Bows

Jason cut me off. No more Joann's or the Ribbon Spot for ribbon. No more bows. I have to stop. It's just that I have nothing to do. I get tired of cleaning the house. Tired of shopping. Tired of Pump-It-Up and Nashville Shores. I certainly can't drink all day either. So I craft and this month it's bows. But I get fixated on something and then can't stop. Not to mention, I just learned out to make the corker bows. So any how, here are a few of my recent bows.

Oh,and I started making bow holders that I'll post pictures of soon. I tried to but my CF card is full!!

This is my Greenbay Packer bow (BOOOOOOO!) for Tisha. I'd like to make more of these but with TEAM RIBBON. Do you know where I can get some??

Here are my little bows in Abbe's hair.

My fancy red BIG bow which both girls look great in. They also have green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, brown/pink polka dots, pink/white polka dots, etc. Seriously, this is why I need to stop.

Here is my table, where all the magic happens.

Just wait until I get my embroidery machine!!!!!!

Not to be outdone....

We attended Olivia's open house this week. At first,she told me "NO" she wasn't going. But of course, after we got there she told me "NO" she wasn't leaving.

Mrs. Angie gave us our supply list and we left to fill it (really any excuse to get us to Target!). Olivia starts on Tuesday and she seems to really be looking forward to it. Is it horrible my kids look forward to going to school? If so, is it equally horrible that I do too??

I'm a bit worried about her as she breaks away from Abbe. We will see how it all goes!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We met with Abbe Mae's pre-kindergarten teacher today. Abbe was so excited and even went to the meeting in full dress code including a pair of her new school shoes. Her classroom is full of centers, puzzles and even the class pet girbels, Sugar and Spice.

I got a bit teary-eyed when the teacher gave me homework. I have to trace my hand and write Abbe Mae a note. She then took a picture of us together and if she's ever having a bad day, gets hurt or just needs some love, she can get it out of her cubie and read it and look at the picture.

Here is Mrs. Jones and Abbe Mae today in class. She goes for two-hours next Friday and then a full day on the 25th. I keep telling myself it's going to be okay....

Ive been saying this now for years...

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- Pedro Galindo says when his kidnappers chopped off one of his fingers the pain was excruciating -- that he felt every second of the process.

The kidnapping and killing of 14-year-old Fernando Marti has prompted calls for the Mexican government to act.

1 of 3 "They injected an anesthetic but didn't wait long enough for it to take effect," he says. "The next week, their boss came to me and said, 'Your family still doesn't want to pay ransom, so we have to send them another one.' "

Pedro's wife, Maria Elena Morera, still shudders when she recalls being told where she could find her husband's severed finger. She was told to pick it up on the side of the road in an envelope.

"I felt my heart just ripped open," she says. "I can't describe the anguish I felt imagining Pedro's suffering."

Read the full story:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


That's what Jason wants to make over the fire. We do popcorn and S'mores, but now he's talking to Scott about PIAB. Scott's supposedly excited, but we live in the Glade so it doesn't take much. I'm really liking living out by Corey and Scott - they are regulars at our smoke outs. They are super nice and have great, well- behaved kids. Now I'm not sure they'd say the same about us, but it's all good.

Sticker Chart

As mentioned below, I'm getting the kids going on a chore list. My parenting board friend suggested a sticker chart and I'm enforcing it big time. Here it is after I created it. I'm on day three and it's really working pretty well. I'm surprised at how much the kids look forward to sticking their sticker up there, even Tyler. Their rewards are guitar lessons for T and dance for the divas. I'm also using that as a punishment. And I'm enjoying the help around here. Slackers better recognize!!

They're Just Crafters

Abbe and Olivia get going on crafting. I give them lots of crafts to keep them busy and am always amazed as to how well they do them. Abbe especially, I think she has an artsy side to her.

Any how, they've made tons of necklaces, bracelets and anklets this summer, but this is the first time I got it on camera. They made necklaces at the aquarium, Mrs. Sallie gave Abbe a mariposa necklace to bead, and I have a huge assortment of stuff to choose from. They have more anklets laying around than I know what to do with, but I guess it's a girl thing.

First Full Day of 3rd Grade

Can't believe it. His back-pack was packed, lunch made, clothes ironed and Big T was off. He's very independent this year. More so than ever before. When we pulled into the school and the place was packed. Everyone was parking and walking their kids in. I asked Tyler if he wanted me to walk him in and he says, "No, I got it. I know how to do it." The feeling of your child not needing you anymore combined with a sense of pride in knowing he's strong is such a strange combination. He's pretty self-sufficient but I'm not sure I'm ready to let him go. This year he wants to take the bus to and from school. I'm still not 100% on that but it is reassuring to know we are the last stop on the way to school and the first on the way home. So we will try and see. He wants to get to school early to eat breakfast, cause apparently they have good pancakes. My cereal isn't enough anymore. "Just put money in my account, Mommy." I guess this is how it begins. Independence.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Cotton's

Killer and Ginger came over last night! I was THRILLED! We haven't seen them in forever. They are usually busy with their family, the Shrines or traveling the world. You'd think Killer would want to spend more time w/Abbe, considering......

It's always good to see them. Tyler adores both of them and the girls were pretty thrilled as well. Abbe has already asked me when she can go make cupcakes at Ginger's house.

Ginger is giving me her old embroidering machine. I cannot wait. I have big plans for it!! Big plans.

Conversation with Abbe Mae

A: Mom, can you get my my new pink Hannah Montana shirt? I can't reach it.

M: Yes, give me a minute, my hands are full of glue.

Two seconds later...


M: Abbe Mae, wait a minute! You're not going to die cause I can't stop what I'm doing this minute to get you your Hannah shirt. I'm almost done.

A: I am going to die! And I'm going to have to die naked!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm thinking again....

....about life. Stay with me, cause this post will be all over the place, but at the end you may understand it!

Here's the thing, I want to work and I love to work. In my previous profession, I had the potential to make some pretty dang good money, but I'd have to put many hours into the work week. Finding the balance with work and family is something I've never been able to successfully achieve. That's why I've worked part-time to not-at-all in the last "many" years. But this recent job I was offered, the one I really wanted, had me thinking a lot about that balance.

Then today, as I was talking to my friend Jessica, I realized Tyler will be in middle school in a few years. They start middle school in 6th grade here. That scares me to death! We were talking about school buses and kids coming home alone, etc. And I'm thinking, I want him coming home alone. That age terrifies me!!

So, tell me friends and fellow blog readers, what can I do as a profession that will allow me to work in with a flexible schedule where I can be at home often and make decent money? Please, no teaching. I need to make money and I really don't like kids that I'm not opposed to going back to school. I have a BA in Business now.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Finally, 85 as a high

After weeks and weeks of near 100 degree temperatures, tomorrow's high is only 86. It sounds pleasant. I may try to take the kids to the park early. But the more that I think of that plan, the more I realize there is no way we'd be able to get out of the house by ten.

Today we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. We spent 40 bucks on shitty pizza and tons of tokens. Olivia was a pro at getting tickets. She always surprises me as to how quickly she catches on to things.

When we were done, we had about 600 tickets to turn in. All that money and time and we left with a bag of cotton candy, two Hannah Montana notepads, a few tattoos, some fake purple hair and indigestion. Can't complain as it was a good day.

I've been on a bow-making-marathon. I need to stop. It's getting pretty ridiculous honestly. I should switch over and make some jewelry but I'm not sure I can set it up without the girls getting into it. I need a craft room. Jason got his man shed. I have the perfect place for him to build me a room - the unfinished attic! I may be in the market for a sewing/embroidery machine. I'd kill to be able to embroider. I'm just not sure where I'll put it and if I'd be able to do it. I'll be honest, I'm a bit intimidated by the power of the machine. But the people on Project Runway make it look so easy!

Whenever there is a change in the weather, my allergies start to act up. So I have a stopped up nose and runny eyes again. My doctor wants me to get retested so he can treat me for my new allergies, but I really don't want to spend the $300 bucks out of pocket to do so. We've spent enough on medical bills the last two months with Abbe, Jason and Olivia. Cha-ching to our crappy HMO. I'd rather get that new sewing/embroidery machine and suffer through the allergies! I won't be able to breathe but I'll be able to put some initials on the bath towels. Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The girls started dance this week. We are trying out a new place that is closer to where we live. I really liked HDA, the place we went to last year, but it is 20 minutes further than this place which is already 20 minutes away. And HDA will not take two-year olds and I cannot go another year with Olivia dressed in her tu-tu, waiting patiently to have her turn to dance. The new place is okay, I'm not in love with it. I don't have the warm and fussy feelings I got at HDA, but I did see two families from church there which was a bit reassuring.

I originally put Abbe and Olivia in the same class, which started at 6:30. The teacher came out and said she wanted Abbe to try the next level class which started at 7:00. After that class, the teacher said Abbe need to be in the more advanced class. So from now on, Olivia will be in one class and Abbe in the other. I don't know how that will work, but Abbe was thrilled because she made two friends that were also four. The yucky thing is class is two times a week. Tuesday and Thursday. Each girl has a 1/2 hour class, one right after the other. HDA they had a one-hour class, once a week.

So we go again tomorrow. I have to buy black leotards cause they are a bit tougher on dress code, even for the littles.

The Craft Lady

My neighbor, Sallie, is real crafty. Her entire bonus room is dedicated to crafts. Sewing machines, embroidery, materials, tables, irons, and every tool, thread and any thing else you may need to craft. I even noticed a quilt board. She even has her husband trained not to enter the craft room.

The first time I met her, I needed her to fix Tyler's dance pants for this recital that day. Yeah, I knocked on her door and said, "Hi, I'm Jennifer, your new neighbor. I heard you can sew!" That's how crafty she is. She whipped them up so fast we were set for the stage.

For Abbe Mae's birthday, she whipped up two cute shirts (along with a goodie bag of other treats). A white hoody with butterflies embroidered all over the front and then a cute blue and white one with a huge frog on the front of it and gold sparkles above the frog. Well when Sallie came over to give it to Abbe for her birthday, she ended up taking a shirt home to make Olivia a frog shirt.

Today she came over to deliver the said frog shirt. I roped her into making a mat cover for Olivia's school mat. I mentioned I was looking at Nap Mats online and the prices were high. She said, "Oh it would be easy enough to make one!" And BOOM!! With a little chatting, some measuring, and two new HSM beach towels, off she goes. She may stop coming over here cause every time she leaves, she has more stuff to do!

Tubes For O

Olivia has had many ear infections and some pressure issues. The doctor suggested it was time for tubes so we went ahead and had it done, so she would be out of pain and to see if it would change her aggressive behavior a bit.

So yesterday I got up with her at 5:45 am and off to the surgery center we went. Jason took the day off to help with the kids so he stayed behind. We arrived at 6:10 and were called back by 6:40. I had a consult with the Anesthesiologist and the CRNA. It was a mask or gas sedation so not to bad, but I was still nervous cause it's surgery. They took her back, without any screaming, at about 7:00 am. By 7:20, the ENT was in the consult room telling me everything went well.

I was a bit stressed cause for those of you whose children have had surgery, you know how they can come of of anesthesia pretty upset. There was a little girl that went in before us and you could hear the poor thing screaming from the hall as she woke up. It lasted for at least 30 minutes. At least. When the nurse came to get me, it was quiet. Dead quiet. I asked, "Is she out?" and the nurse said she was coming too very nicely. "Wait - what?? My kid?"

I turned the corner to see Olivia cradled up in those warm, white surgery blankets as she was allowing a nurse (stranger) to rock her. She was so peaceful. And so sweet. They went over the post-op instructions and sent us home. I was home by 8:15 am. Insane, isn't it?

Olivia and I crawled into my bed and slept until noon. I am amazed as to how well she handled the whole thing, because if you know Olivia, she is definitely strong-willed and outspoken. She was very calm and only complained of pain a few times, but nothing serious.

She was up and running around all evening and back to normal. But her temperament hasn't seemed to change a bit. Hopefully she's at least out of pain. I think it's time for 1-2-3 Magic! or maybe even an exorcism. I don't know.


As promised, pictures from Abbe Mae's Pump-It Up party. It was a good time. The kids enjoyed the inflatables, I enjoyed the pizza and cake.

She did the cutest thing that I forgot to mention. After we sang happy birthday to her and she blew out her candles, she looked at me with her four fingers up and said, "Mommy, I four now?" It was just adorable. And sad. I can't believe she's four!

Here she is before her party:

Here is the party. Thank goodness Robyn had her camera! My batteries died after a few shots. Bad, bad, bad Mommy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Abbe Mae's Golden Birthday

Hard to believe that four years ago, at 8:04 am, a dark-headed, fair-complected little girl came into the world. It was a long, hot, fat pregnancy, but worth every minute of it once we got to meet her. She has grown into such a sweet little lady. So loving and caring and such a girlie girl.

We had her party at Pump-It Up. It went really well until we went from the inflatables into the party room. At that point, Olivia decided she wanted it to be her birthday. She cried, kicked and screamed. She was not happy but some how we got through it. Barely. She received tons of really great gifts and everyone enjoyed pizza and her Hello Kitty cake. Most importantly, she was surround by friends on her special day.

I will post pictures later. About half way through the party, my batteries died, so Robyn let me use her camera to get some shots of the party.

And once I'm ready to talk about it, I'll have to share a story about the Rebel being dropped. It's okay, but tense moment all the way around.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


That's what my bank account is saying today.


But I had fun! This weekend is tax free weekend in TN. Our sales tax is just about 10%. Isn't that nuts? So I saved up all of my school shopping for this weekend. I'm honestly not sure if I'd do it again, cause we had slim pickins, but it was fun.

I bought all their school supplies yesterday at Target with a mob of mothers surrounding me. Olivia hit up the HSM backpack and lunchbox, of course. Tyler and Abbe were pretty plain this year. I'm dreading when they all need the amount of supplies Tyler needs, it can be costly.

Today is when I put the hurt on the bank account. Because Tyler and Abbe both needed uniforms, so I was able to pick up every thing. Jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, capris, etc. And, for the record, girls clothes are way more expensive than boys. Even big boys like Tyler. It doesn't make much sense, but it is what it is.

But here's what I'm most proud of. I discovered Journeys Kidz. I've walked past it a million times, but never ventured in until today. And the outcome was disastourous. It started with the Converse (which I haven't seen in forever), then on to the Puma's (Tyler and Abbe's match!), then the Crocs (which I generally hate but Olivia loved the winter-style) and onto the HSM shoes. Aren't they just too cute?

They didn't have any Converse in Olivia's size, but they did in Mommy's