Saturday, November 29, 2008


How many years have they run the Lexus commercials at Christmas?
You know the ones where the woman comes out to the brand new Lexus with a huge red bow on it? I mean does that really happen? And if so, how do I sign up?


Here is a picture of me and a few of my childhood friends from Celly's wedding in 1997. Ignore my hideous red dress, I was a bride's maid and Celly's Puerto Rican - 'nuff said.

Anyhow, I guess in this picture I was about 25 years old. Christine, the blonde in the blue dress, and I have been friends since 2nd grade when she moved down from Milwaukee. The rest of the girls I became friends with in 8th grade or my freshman year of high school and have been friends with ever since.

This night was such a good time. My parents, aunt, uncle and cousins were at this wedding. High school teachers were at this wedding. It was truly a family event. Out of Celly's 150 guests, I think I new every single one of them, cause that's just how it was back home in our old "hood". And what I remember the most was the bridal party coming out to the Chicago Bulls theme tacky yet so much fun! Oh and the DJ was ON that night!

But back to my friends. It's nice to have friends that long. True child hood friends. We've all grown up but we still all have each other. I hit up Chicago and it's like I haven't missed a beat with this crew. Pretty cool.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm not the one to fight the crowds of Black Friday. Never have been. Generally, we wait until mid-December to Christmas shop, but this year, I've been a bit ahead of the game. After getting up early this morning and heading out to the madness, I can see how the adrenaline and excitement can get people going. It's like we were all walking around with glazed looks on our faces just dumping stuff into our carts.

I got up at 4:30 am. Early, right? I grabbed my mom and we headed up to the local shopping area. JCPenney was a mad house. Apparently it opened at 4:00 am. Isn't that nuts? Not as crazy as Best Buy, which had people camping out in tents from the night before. The line to get into Target was wrapped around half of the building and I am NOT exaggerating. So after we casually walked through Penney's, we grabbed a bite at Panera. It was 6:03 and Target was opening so we headed that way.

At Target, I grabbed pretty much everything I planned on getting for the kids as far as smaller gifts were concerned. I turn and see my mom rolling up with a cart and a 27" flat screen TV. Apparently, that was what all the fuss was about that morning and they only had 100 tickets for them. But she some how had a conversation with the manager of Target and he gave her his. Although I've been dead set against putting TV's in the kids rooms, I have since given in and planned on getting Abbe a 19" TV for Christmas. Because my mom is a smooth operator, I was able to buy the larger TV for $299. Score!! My mom is getting Ab-ster a DVD player so she should be set. I'm looking forward to the hopeful time of them NOT fighting over what to watch on TV. After Target, we came back home and cooked breakfast. We grabbed the girls and headed out again.

We went to Haverty's and I bought Olivia's big present this year. A new trundle bed. She's making the switch from the toddler bed in my room, to a big girl bed in her room. Again, my mom's gift is accessorising my gift. She bought her the cutest ladybug stuff from JCPenney. I can't wait to put it together. Most importantly, I can't wait for her to start sleeping in her room.

We ran around a bit more going to Kohl's (which was a mad house), Hobby Lobby, Staples, etc. The line to check out at Kohl's seriously had to be a 100 deep. I ended up putting down the two Christmas dresses I had for the girls and walked out. I'd probably still be waiting in line.

Tyler is getting a great big gift this year as well. I'm not going to post it cause I'm not sure if he reads the blog or not. But it's good.

Jason is still grabbing at the right-side of his chest as to the amount of money I, I mean WE, spent today. But it's Christmas and we all should spend a little to help the economy. I mean we can't take it with us, right?

Thursday, November 27, 2008




Yesterday I decided to take the kids to see ICE! at Opry Land Hotel here in Nashville. Although I thought it was pricey, I thought it would be a fun filled afternoon that the kids would really enjoy.


I was guessing that because the entire place was made out of ice, it would be fairly cold in there. My guess was about 20-25 degrees, which is really cold to us Southern transplants. Really cold. I prepared. The kids wore long sleeved-shirts, sweatshirts and winter jackets. I brought gloves and hats as well.

After paying $45 bucks to get in (thankfully Olivia was free), we get in and they are handing out "extra" blue jackets and tell us we will need them cause the current temperature in there is 5 degrees. What-da-heezy? I'm thinking, I grew up in Chicago, I'll be good but I was worried about the littles. But I figured they'd be running and playing so much the cold wouldn't bother them.

Wrong again.

We walk in and the look on Abbe's face was priceless. Pure fear in her eyes. Should could barely talk. She said, "Mommy, why do I feel like this? I don't like it." I told her it was cold and she would get used to it in a minute. I suggested putting on the extra blue jacket, cause if you know my girls, they are super picky and didn't immediately want them on. But they changed their minds pretty quick once inside. Olivia lasted about ten minutes before she was crying to "take me home" and saying "I don't like ice". Tyler went down the slide twice and was done. They had no interest in looking at the detailed, deep-colored sculptures or following the story through the trail as they just could not adjust to the cold.

So with two girls full of cold tears and Tyler exclaiming his back side was frozen, we left. We lasted about 20 minutes.

And my poor camera couldn't take the cold either. I was able to snap a few flicks but the old girl started moving slow so I packed it up pretty quickly.

We had to make a Starbucks hot coco run on the way home to warm up our souls. Thankfully, as soon as we stepped out of the ICE! building, we were able to strip back down to our sweatshirts as it was a blistering 60 degrees out.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gearing up for the holiday....

Tomorrow we are having a fancy sit-down dinner with my parents and Sallie and Harold. I'm looking forward to the turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie and coconut cake. I CAN'T wait!! And I'm thankful for it all.

I haven't decided if I'll go shopping on Friday or not. I don't have big plans to spend a crazy amount of money. I haven't bought anything so far, but I have a small list of things to get. The thing that happens to me when I go into the stores is I see something on sale and generally snatch it up. Then the kids end up with a ton of crap at Christmas that they don't need. So I'm really going to focus this year. I have a few big items I want to get for Abbe and Olivia, but am torn on Tyler. It's true the older they get, the more expensive they are.

This afternoon, since the kids are out of school, I'm thinking of taking the kids on a special afternoon trip. I'll post pictures later!

Friday, November 21, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

Okay, I know it's really early and I'm am generally not this prepared, but we broke out the Christmas tree last weekend. Mostly due to the fact that I had to clean out the attic out for the craft room project. Tyler and Olivia weren't really interested in decorating it, but Abbe Mae was all about it.

Christmas Tree

BTW: The bottom half of the tree is now bare as the girls have taken off most of the decorations to use as earrings. The entire tree probably won't last until Christmas.

Gingerbread House, Maybe....

The girls


Y'all know I LOVE Project Runway! Love it! The creativity, the sauciness, the models, Tim Guinn, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, the designers and all the great fabrics they have access too. With a small budget and hopes to win the challenge, every show, the designers and Tim Guinn hit up Mood. They fill their little Mood fabric bags full of sultry fabrics and grand ideas. Then run back to their workstations and either makes a hot mess or something glam.

My craft neighbor, Sallie, came over and gave me my very own Mood bag. I love love love it and have been using it more as a purse these days (even if it is huge). It's awesome. She's awesome to think of me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ughh. Know what I did today? Went to CEC, not once but twice. Pure torture.

Abbe has complained about her ear hurting for two days now. So I decided I'd get her in to see the doctor. Might as well see Olivia too since she's been full of snot for weeks. Made their appointments for 1:30, because Abster gets out of school at 1:00 and we were going to a birthday party at 3:00 (if the girls were okay).

Pick up A-Diddy from school and high-tail it to the doctor's office 30 minutes away. Good news is both girls are in perfect health. Bad news is we now have to go to the birthday party.

Leave the doctor's office at 2:30 and high-tail it to the other side of town for a CEC birthday party. I pull in and don't recognize my friends' cars. (White Mercedes, BMW's - you know, the ones that look nothing like my minivan.) Then it hit me - SHIT!! It's in Rivergate !!which is 45 minutes in another direction; imagine me driving in a 40 mile square all day. I had to take the girls. I RSVP'd yes, we had the gift, they were dressed fancy, and I used the party as behavior bait for them all day. So we went. We arrived 45 minutes late, but we showed up.

During the week, CEC isn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not great, but it's not horrible turn in tickets and go stand in line at the novelty counter. That is pure torture for everyone involved.

All I have to say is thank goodness gas is back to $1.89 a gallon.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Olivia just yelled, "Christ Abbe!"

Strep Throat

So, Jess texts me and says, "We all have strep throat. Fevers, medicine and no school until Thursday."

Greaaaaat. The girls had a sleep over here on Saturday. I'm praying that my crew does not get it. The seem fine so far, but I'm freaking out a bit.

Lookie what I found.... of our wedding day! I plan on taking the negatives from our photographer and getting at least one picture framed before our 10th anniversary. Horrible, right? I have a small photo album of our wedding pictures, but nothing bigger than a I'm also the one that doesn't get yearly pictures of my children. Bad mommy.

But here we Maui.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Craft Room Expansion

Big happenings in the B household in the next few weeks. On Monday, I have the framer coming to frame in my craft room in part of our current attic space. Amazing that we are out of space, right? It will be an 11x14 room that I will have all to myself. I will set up a sewing machine, embroider machine, scrapbook table, bar and maybe even a pole.....who knows! It's mine! Can we get a big, fat HELL YEAH! Sallie suggested I put a big pad-lock on the inside of my room to keep the riff-raff out. I agree.

But since I have to clean out the attic space - I may get a head start on decorating for Christmas. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Secret Spy Mission

Mommy: Tyler, go upstairs and get on your teacher's website and start practicing your multipaction facts.

Tyler: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mommy: Yes, do it now.

Tyler: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I don't want too.

Mommy: I don't want to hear your mouth. Go practice.

Tyler: stomps upstairs

Five minutes later

Mommy: Abbe Mae, I want you to go upstairs on a secret spy mission for Mommy. Sneak up there, peak in on Tyler and see if he's on his computer.

Abbe Mae: Me? A spy mission?

Mommy: Yes, be very quiet. Sneak up there and come and tell Mommy what he is doing.

Abbe Mae: Okay, I be the secret spy.

Mommy: Don't tell anyone - just Mommy. Don't say anything to Tyler just go peak. Quietly.

30 seconds later, running, screaming, yelling and crying

Tyler: Mommy!! Why did you send Abbe Mae to spy on me!??

Mommy: What?

Abbe Mae: Yes, Mommy told me to go on a secret spy mission.

Tyler: What? Mommy!!!

Abbe Mae: Yes, I spy on you and it's a secret.

Tyler: Mommy - she peaked in on me and said she was doing a secret spying mission. Did you send her?

Mommy: No way. Abbe Mae's nuts. Stay out of his room. Let him study. You are studying, rigggggght??

Box Tops for Education

Does your child's school participate in the Box Top For Education Program? Tyler's school is all about this program. It's a program sponsored by General Mills in which you cut the little box top off and turn in for cash for your school. Kind of like what we did as a kid with Campbell Soup labels. At Tyler's school, the students that turn in the most tops get prizes. Classes with most tops gets ice cream parties. PTO organizes "parent cut ups" to help trim and count the tops turned in.

I've been conscious about buying General Mills products when I can so I can save the top. I've cut them up nice and neat and put them in a coffee cup in our cupboard. Since MAY. I had about 50 of them. Had is the key word here.

My darling husband decided to make a round of hot chocolate last night. He was complaining about the lack of coffee cups in the house. So he opened the cupboard, threw out my box tops and went about his merry way drinking hot coco.

Irritating. So very irritating.

So after I bitch and moan about it for ten minutes, he goes out and goes through the garbage and brings me in a handful that he could find. I know it's not the end of the world, but here I am, trying to support the PTO and this happens.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

So OVER Laundry!!

Ugghhhh!! I want to scream!!!!

I've been doing laundry all day. Clothes, towels, sheets, you name - it's been washed today. This is nothing new. I feel like all I ever do is laundry all day.....every day. My life is nothing but dirty laundry. Three kids (uniforms and changing when they come home) and a husband that also changes when he gets home from work, makes the piles grow faster than my waistline during the holidays. Seriously. On top of it, the girls, especially Olivia, thinks she needs to change 6-8 times a day. Tomorrow things are changing. I have dropped the F-BOMB enough today that Jason said he's getting locks for their closet doors. It will be one outfit a day from here on out. Make no mistake about it my friends - this laundry train has come to a stop.

Bears VS. Titans

OMG I'm on pins and needles here. The Titans are undefeated this season. The Bears are top of their Division. Who will win??? Vegas says the Titans. Tune in at 1:00 pm.

The Internet

Through this entire political campaign, one thing sat in the back of my mind - Obama's online presence. Obama is winning online. He was everywhere. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, email. Everywhere. He was reaching the young voters, the ones that always say they will but never do. Just search Youtube and Flickr and you will see all types of his speeches and pictures. I was reading the other night and the pictures they had in the article were from Obama's Flickr account. Brillant. Here is an interesting read on the subject: Technology.

It's constantly thinking forward and outside the box. Bloggers for example, I've been doing this for two years now and my family reads it regularly and know more about what's going in my life than ever before. Sometimes I email Tyler about our schedule and he'll email me back to confirm or happens. I think about how it's changed businesses, schools, churches. Can you imagine having to pick up the phone or worse, drive to the bank to get a bank account update? Or having to call Ticketmaster? Or having to pick up the phone to call family? (That alone gives me the shivers.) I can't imagine how my parents did all of that. Oh yeah, they had CB's. All I have to say is I LOVE THE INTERNET!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Read

Stuff White People Like

Lincoln turned me on to this site. He's always talking about white people liking strange things. He claims he reads this daily and after hanging out with Jason, he is going to suggest they write about Corn Hole.

Sunday, November 2, 2008