Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dance is paying off!

All the kids are dancing like pros! Tyler is a hip-hopper, and a real smooth one at that. He's already told me he's done with dance after this year and wants to do a sport. I'm kind of glad, cause this dance thing is costing an arm and a leg. I would post what I actually spent on his costume for the recital next month, but Jason reads this and I don't want to hear his mouth.

Although Abbe is taking ballet and tumble, she's definately into tumble. She doesn't know her own strength and really "flips" out sometimes. It's quite shocking to both of us. Get the Jonas Brothers or a little Miley/Hannah going, and she flips all over the place. Her costume for her "Lovey Dovey" performance is adorable. I'm praying that she gets on stage and does her thing. I think I may cry if she won't perform.

And Olivia is just along for the ride as always. She follows Abbe step-for-step in the dance area. Although she doesn't formally attend any class, she can do almost everything Abbe can. She's flipping around more than Abbe. She's absoulutely going to dance once she's three. She's ready now but the age thing is holding her back.

So, the big recital is May, 15th at Belmont University. We have formal invitations, photography and flowers to sort through. It's a BIG deal.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Another spring break adventure was a trip to Pump-It-Up with my friend Jessica and her kiddos. My kids love her kids so it works out well, even though they are die hard Packer fans and that's hard to swallow being from Chicago and all. But they are all a lot of fun!

Here are a few highlights!

Not to toot my own horn......

But these girls are ADORABLE!!

The girls and I dressed up and went to my cousin's wedding a few weeks ago, while Jason and Tyler worked on the new house. They weren't the best behaved, but they looked good!

Olivia's 2nd Birthday Take 2!

We celebrated the big O turning the big 2 with just family. Nana made her a special cake and tried to get her to take a bite out of it. Olivia wasn't too sure about that!

Olivia's 2nd Birthday!

We got together with our dear friends Robyn, Elijah and Sarah to celebrate Olivia's birthday. It was a great time for all! Sarah especially enjoyed the cake, while my girls loved the presents.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Abbe and Olivia are obsessed with dresses, skirts and tights. Abbe especially loves the tights that don't have feet. Olivia just wants tights. Every day it's a struggle to get them dressed as they are very particular about what they wear. But the dresses and skirts do not stop them from rough housing!

Last night we walked over to Target and both girls got new dresses cause Daddy is weak. They are going to break the bank with this man!


Since we were on spring break last week, we visited the park and the ducks often. Oh does Olivia love to feed the ducks. But I'm one of those freaky moms that thinks of germs and poop every where so I could barely concentrate on the fun part of going. But they kids loved it!

Easter Egg Hunt

Here we are at the Easter egg hunt in Mt. Juliet at Charlie Daniels park the day before Easter. The kids loved it. They said there were over 15,000 eggs set out and they were gone in less than a minute! I only have pictures of Abbe cause my mom was with Olivia in the toddler section and Tyler was off with Jimmy doing their thing.

We ended up with 15 free ice creams from Chic-Fila. Can't wait!

I've been a bad blogger. I'm about to catch up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dora got the worst of it

Shortly after the hair cutting, black sharpie marker incidient, I noticed Dora looked different. As I got closer to the recently purchased Dora vanity, I realized she got the worst of playing "cat" and "haircut".

Poor Dora.

Making a cake

She's saying "I'm 2!"

Olivia turns 2 on Saturday. Can you believe it? We are meeting Elijah, Sarah and Robyn tomorrow for a little party at Chic-Fila. Sould be fun. Olivia and I spent the day together making her a DORA cake. She loved every minute of the attention.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Does it ever end? In two days, Tyler has embarrassed the crap out of me two different times.

1. Yesterday during our Communion PREP class, the teacher says, "Okay boys and girls on Saturday we will learn out to make the Communion bread, taste it and taste the wine." Tyler pipes up and yells, "I'm not drinking the wine. Last time I did I went to sleep."

Imagine me. Dead.

Later on I asked him what he was talking about. He says, "Remember when you bought that grape stuff for us on New Year's and let us drink it?" It was the fancy grape juice.

2. Tonight in Boy Scouts, there was a special guest speaker from Croatia. She was teaching the boys about her country, the food, culture, language and games. Tyler was really interested in all she said. He raises his hand and asks, "Do you guys play spin the bottle there?"

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm very pleased with the extra money we spent on adding lights and such to the new house. It makes a world of difference. AND I also love the speakers throughout the house as well. We are going to ROCK!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Two words..........BLACK SHARPIE

So by now your thinking, Does she ever watch her kids?? Especially if you've read back to some posts dating to January 2005. But I do. I really do. I'm with them 24/7/365 (minus an occasional regrouping weekend here and there).

But I do deserve a shower now and then. And today was the day. I got Tyler set up in the living room watching cartoons and playing on the computer. The girls were in their room playing "cat". No scissors. No paint. And I thought - no pens or markers around.

But as you can see, they took "cat" to a whole 'nother level.

Finally moved into 2008 w/my cell phone

I was one of those that only had 300 minutes on my phone. Free calls after 9 pm (but I'm sleeping) and free weekends. I'd try to wait until the weekend to make my chatty calls. But since we've disconnected our home phone, my bill has been through the roof.

Welcome to 2008.

Jason finally upgraded me to the Simply Everything Plan. Let's say that together slowly....S-I-M-P-L-Y E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. All the talking, texting, websurfing, pictures, video, GPS I can do. I can talk for hours during the middle of the day. I can surf the web. I can take pictures and actually send them to people. I can do it!

And I got a new phone too. The Rumor LG. I'm in love. Here's what it looks like:

So basically - for all my peeps I talk to on a regular basis ---- I'll be talking to you more now! And texting you too!