Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abbe Mae's Room

Because it rained all morning yesterday, I decided to redecorate Abbe Mae's room.

Now you've got to understand her personality a bit. She's not into pink, princess, flowers, rainbows, butterflies, etc.

She likes black and skulls. She like to wear jean skirts, black leggings with her black skull Converse (which are boys but she didn't care). Don't get me wrong, she likes to look pretty, but not in a typical, pink/purple fashion. Let's just be thankful they have to wear uniforms in our school district.

I blame Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, but that's another post.

Anyhow, we took down all the butterflies, folded up the cute pink and green quilt, disposed of the sparkly window treatment cause it too was pink and green and started fresh. I painted her room a light blue/green color, added a black "Rockstar" comforter set, rearranged her furniture, changed her curtains, and added a few items such as a new lamp and some pictures.

It looks so "big girl-ish" and it makes me a bit sad cause she's five. But she's Abbe Mae and that's what she wanted. Thank goodness Olivia likes princesses.

Lookout Disneyland!

Here we come!

I ordered *some* stuff from and it arrived last week. I wanted a head start on shopping and wanted to be prepared from the minute we arrived at the parks. So the three autograph books/photo albums along with matching character pens arrived and are ready to be packed. Our Mickey shirts are washed and folded. All of Olivia's princess gear fits and is set. Speaking of princess gear, I ordered Olivia a new Cinderella dress along with these crazy, clear glass slippers that light up with this blue light when she walks. Jason and I giggled watching her prance around all while thinking they slightly resembled hooker shoes.

So we leave on Saturday for LAX. I'm glad it cooled down some and am looking forward to a good time. That is, if we stay healthy and can make the four hour flight with Olivia and Abbe. Oye.


Jason has worked hard today to clean out our garage. Now, I've asked for almost a year and a half to have a clean bay to park my car in. The whole reason we spent the extra money on the three car garage was so we would be able to park in it! Also, the whole reason we had to add the shed in the back was so we could make room to park in the garage.

Well, now we can. I'm sure it's because of the Hummer, but I'd like to think it's cause winter's coming and my husband doesn't want me or his kids to get cold. Either way, I like it.

Both cars are in the garage tonight. I hope I remember to open the garage door before I put the car in drive tomorrow. Holla!

Sick Kid!!

Yesterday, Tyler said he had a sore throat. Then at 3 pm he said he was going to lay down. I knew then, it was not good.

After a wake up call early this morning, we went off to the minute clinic this morning. Although he didn't have a fever, I knew he was sick. I've been to this minute clinic several times and have always had great service. Except this time. This rough-ass looking PA came out to get us. Y'all know how it is when you have a sick kid and you've waited a long time, so we were already a little stressed. The lady says, "I need your drivers license and insurance card." I look in my wallet and thought, crap! Jason took the insurance card for his sleep study last week. I tell her I didn't have my card and ask her if she can look me up since I've been there before. She replies, "No. I can't, I can't see you. You'll have to leave."

What the hell.

First of all, you don't know me. My kid is sick and you WILL see him. I waited for you; a professional to take care of him. You are disrespectful and rude. So in my most direct, momma bear voice I responded, "No. You WILL see him. I will pay cash. I waited for you, he's sick and you will see him." She gave me an evil ass look and said, "FINE".

She was very nice to Tyler, lucky her but a complete bitch to me the entire time. The topping on the cake was at the end when she asked me if she wanted me to call the meds into another Walgreen's. I said, "Yes, call it into the Mount Juliet one so we don't have to wait." She then responded, "No, I can't do that, it's too late they close in THREE HOURS and he needs his medicine now."

Tyler, please wait out side cause shit is finda hit the fan. And it did. And it will tomorrow when they call me for the check up call. Grumpy rude people should not be in healthcare. My reaction to her did freak Tyler out a bit and that I am sorry for. But at the same time, it's hard not to react when it comes to my kid.

My poor son has Strep throat. He had a field trip tomorrow at the Hermitage, which is the home of President Andrew Jackson. He was going to dress up in costume and direct visitors. He'd been practicing his lines for weeks. WEEKS.

Thankfully, he's on medicine and will hopefully be better before Disneyland next week. Hopefully the girls will stay healthy. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A change of heart

My tree huggging neighbor down the road wasnt talking to me when i first broke the news that daddy was nailing a Hummer. She is very environmentally aware and felt driving a hummer would only pollute the world more, killing all life form and basically ending the earth. So, taking that into consideration, i cancelled the carmax order, put my tail between my legs and walked away. Judging by the picture, she seems to appreciate this car a little more.... a 2009 Hummer H3, 5 speed manual, i should get a extra gallon on two MPG wise..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This weekend

Thought I'd give you an update of this weekend's exciting happenings.......

Friday night Jason had his sleep study. We decided to score a Logan's Roadhouse before, you know, so his belly was full before the study. He left for the hospital at about 7:00 pm while the kids and I headed over to Old Navy for a little shopping. We all landed a little treat at ON. We came home and the four of us slept in my bedroom. Ahhhhh!

Saturday we had a busy day. Gladefest is a local festival held at our school and the little town area we live in. Lucky for me, both Abbe Mae's Girl Scout Troop and Kindergarten class wanted "homemade" baked goods. But, if you know me, you know that I am not a great..urrrr....good cook. So, of course in typical Jennifer fashion, I bought tubs of cookie dough and baked some cookies. Some may call that shady, however, I call it participation. Thankfully, Tyler's class asked for gift card donations and THAT I can handle. :) We had to help volunteer for two hours at the school so I covered Tyler's class and Jason covered the Girl Scout booth. We spent the entire day at the festival and it was fun. We hooked up with the "P" family and it made it even better.

Speaking of the "P" family, we had our standard drinking and dinner set up at my house Saturday night afterwards. Standard I say cause it's the same thing we typically do when we hang out (it's not a negative statement, I really have fun with it!). Jason and Jodi fight, Josh ignores everything and cooks, and I drink. Well, Abbe Mae must of been exhausted from Gladefest so she came home and fell asleep at 6 pm. I was shocked (and scared). Olivia and the "P" kids played all night. When it was time for them to go, Olivia threw her standard tantrum and said she wanted to spend the night. Jodi told her to come on. I hesitated, but thought, sure, she'll go down for a bit and come home scared, crying for her mommy. That didn't happen. She went down there and spent the night. Now, another thing about me is I never, EVER, EEEEVVVVVVEEERRRRR let my kids stay anywhere. Just a fear I have. I'd rather have them here with their friends. Tyler has had countless sleepovers at our house (including one last night) but I don't let them go anywhere. Especially, Olivia. She's my baby. Well she went and she stayed. And she didn't even ask for me once.

Today we all piled up to see "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs". It was cute, but there was a sound problem in the movie. Because I complained about it, we got a set of free movie tickets. :) Again, you've got to know me.

Now we are gearing up for a busy week. Girl Scouts, dance Tuesday, all five of us have dentists appointments on Thursday and Muffins with Mom/Abbe Mae on Friday. Busy, busy, busy.....but all enjoyable.

Monday, September 14, 2009