Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ahhhh little girls.

Little boys, and by little, I mean anything over four, are so calm and cool. I can have Tyler and a one of his friends with me all day and be fine. They play video games. They go outside. They generally don't bother anyone for anything.

But little girls.

Abbe Mae wanted Chloe, her BFF from school, to come to the movies with us this afternoon. I thought, why not? It'll make Abster happy and she'll get to spend time with Chloe cause that's ALL she talks about. But I wasn't prepared. Prepared for:

The holding hands
The giggling
The whispering

I guess their just being little girls, but it really opened my eyes to the difference in behavior between girls and boys of their age. Tyler and his buddies can sit next to each other for hours and play video games and not speak one word. These little girls did speak, but in each others ears, by whispering and giggling. It was pretty amusing.

Now you might think, well dummy, you have to little girls so you should know this stuff. But Olivia and Abbe aren't friends like Abbe and Chloe. Abbe and Olivia fight, scream, kick, typical sister stuff.

So these are some of the things I guess I get to look forward too the next several years X2! Fun times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

That's us this week. I love working but time seems to be flying.

It's been cold and rainy in Nashville these last few days. School wasn't cancelled today, thankfully, but it was delayed. That's when I'm happy to have my Dad close by to help. Although he makes me pay him to babysit, it's worth it!! I'm hoping school isn't cancelled tomorrow cause we are expecting a dusting. Funny, isn't it?

Other than that, not too much going on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog!

3 Years of blissful blogging and close to 18,000 clicks. First official entry was on January 29, 2006. How awesome! It's become my online scrapbook of stories and happiness.

Happy Birthday Blog!!


I took the kids to the circus this morning! Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey came to town and we snagged up GREAT seats. Probably the best I've ever had.

Of course, we get there and I spend more money than I had between parking, a drink, popcorn and those stupid stupid light up things. It's so hard to tell the kids NO and I have three of them, so every time we do something like this I almost have to take out a second mortgage! The prices are outragous - lemonade $9, cottoncandy $15, It's a rip off!

Any how, the actual show was pretty good. Lots of acrobatic shows, not many animal tricks and of course, the seven motorcycles in the ball thing. It was fun.

I will say, the cortortionist did freak me out a bit. There was a way they bent themselves that left a horrible image in my head. Maybe I'm a freak myself.....


I haven't been in a long time. It feels like forever.

I bought my ticket last night to go down the first weekend in March. I'm looking so forward to it. It's a girls weekend.

I can't wait for the warm sun, to see my aunt, and for a fun time.

As big Will says it, Welcome to Miami!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I never thought my offspring would say....

Hey y'all, there's more cookies!!

Y'all??? She said it with the strongest country accent I've ever heard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Again!!!

Dancing With The Stars

Jason and I went to see the Dancing With The Stars last night at the Sommet Center in Nashville. Lance, Lacy, Toni Braxton, Cheryl and the entire crew rocked the show. It was pretty cool. I will say, those women dancers are hot. Just watching them made me depressed. So I indulged in a funnel cake. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Fever

Can you feel it? It's in the air?

The excitement of a new President.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night

Drink in my hand and DANCE PARTY USA in my house. Me, Jason and Abbe are tearing it up.

My precious weekends

Time on the weekends now seem so limited. Before they were endless. But with me working, I feel like I have a million things to do in such a short time frame. Today the girls and I have lots of shopping for the house to do. Then come home and lots of cleaning. The cleaning and laundry will spill over to tomorrow and then the weekend will be over.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Biggie Smalls
Notorious BIG
Big Poppa

Whatever you call him, he is my ALL TIME favorite. I used to listen to him all the time back in the day. I know what most of you are thinking, your a 36-year old mother of three, WTF are you doing listening to Big? I'm talking 10-12 years back when I was young, kid less and a bit more on the wild side.

I'm such a huge Big Poppa fan, that I've had calls from around the country from friends and family members that know my love for Mr. Smalls, asking me if I am going to see his new movie tonight. Honestly, since I'm an old woman, I'll wait until it comes out on DVD to watch it. I doubt I could take the wildness at the theater.

Friends that know me realllllly well will automatically call me when he comes on the radio. Hence a call from my friend Celly a few minutes ago blasting Big in the car, yelling she was thinking of me. I know she was gettin' her dance on behind the steering wheel.

And today, on the radio, Steve Harvey was having a debate on who was better: BIG or Tupac. I was really into this conversation so while pumping gas in the freezing cold, I sat in my car to listen to the debate only to make my battery die. I had to call Jason to fetch me from the gas station at 6:30 am. He was not to pleased as to why I let the battery die.

So any how, that's my confession. I'm a huge BIG fan. Followed by Mary J. Blige, she's right up there with Big, followed in third place by Madonna. Okay, I'm really old and showing my age, but it had to be done. I had to get my Notorious love out there for all to see.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An email from my "aunt" in Chicago....






Suddenly, a high of 25 sounds like a heatwave. Funny thing - Nashville schools are closed tomorrow because of the "cold". Fockers. Makes a four day weekend for the kids. So glad to be working!! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I need warm weather. 22 as a high is NOT normal for Nashville.

I hate the cold. Growing up in Chicago, all I remember about childhood winter's were being wet and cold. I didn't enjoy sledding or making snowmen. I just wanted to snugle up under my electric blanket. Growing up we had hard wood floors and drafty windows in our big, old house that was 30 years old when we moved in. So when I'd get out of bed, and my feet would touch the floor, I was instantly miserable. It felt like we were cold all day. We'd wake up cold, go to school cold, go to bed cold. When it's cold and windy, you feel it in your bones all day long.

I just read that with the wind chill it will be -35 degrees up there tomorrow. They are cancelling school, and rightfully so. I'm glad I'm not there and more importantly that my precious kiddos aren't up there. (Refer back to my ICE post when I spent 50 bucks to see the ice show and we last 5 minutes.)

Back to Nashville, the next two days are going to be bitter cold for us. California and Miami are sounding SO good right now! Move me.

Merry Maids

Any SAHM knows the routine. It's non-stop cleaning. Wake up, feed the kids, clean up the kids, clean up the kitchen mess, dress the kids, prepare for the morning, then repeat feeding steps around lunch time, clean some more and then repeat feeding steps around dinner, bath time for kids, and finally, if your lucky, maybe you get 30 minutes to yourself at night.

So with my new job taking up so much of my time, I was contemplating hiring Merry Maids or some help. You know, to maybe give me more time to spend with the family. Cause now that I'm working, the things listed above are still expected from my loving family.

The Merry Maid came out today and had great plans. It was exciting. I was dreaming of coming home to a clean, sparkling house. Taking a shower and maybe being able to see out of the dirty shower door. Having the windows and baseboards cleaned on their focus room rotation. Not having to clean a toilet again. It all sounded glorious.

Until the price. I was guessing it would be about $100 every two weeks. It was actually $150 every two weeks. That's $300 a month. That's a sportin' new car that I could be driving. That's a pool in my back yard. That's a $100 per month for each of my children towards their college education.

So no Merry Maids for me. A girl can dream, can't she?

Happy Anniversary

Ha Ha I beat you :) Happy 5 yrs

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's here. It's good. Tony is alive and a bad guy. I can't believe it.

Busy Week!

Nothing much to blog about so I'll just hit on a few topics:

Started working on Monday. I really am enjoying it so far! It feels good to get out and I remember so much of it that I hardly have a learning curve. The kids are all glad to be back in school. They really started missing their friends and routine.

Since my big toy box plan for upstairs didn't work out, I'm taking a different route. We are putting toy chests in both Abbe and Olivia's rooms. Well see how it works out. They hardly spend time upstairs cause I'm generally downstairs, and you know, they have to be right under Mama's wing.

It's been rainy and cold here for days, maybe even weeks. Our backyard is a mud pit. My brother emailed me and said Southern Cali weather has been perfect. Makes me want to move.

The economy sucks. I'm pretty scared about every thing happening and it was one of the driving forces in me not passing up this job. I just don't think any one is safe. Every person I talk to tells a story of layoffs, salary reductions, hour reductions, benefit reductions, raise cancellations. It freaks me out cause I'm sure the entire year will be filled with things like this. Maybe even longer, who knows. And since I hardly know anyone who is independently wealthy, I worry for everyone.

My mom bought a new car yesterday. She said she was going to jumpstart the economy and Ford. It's pretty cute. She bought a Ford SUV. For the life of me I can't remember what it is, but it's new, candy apple red, small and has all the bells and whistles. Jason told her, Fix Or Repair She traded in two cars, my dad's big Lincoln boat and then the convertible. I'm glad they are getting rid of some of this stuff.

Titans lost yesterday. Sad day for the entire state of Tennessee. They take their football very seriously here. Yesterday we were out shopping and I think we were the ONLY ones every place we went that didn't have a Titans jersey on. It was weird.

Tyler and Pepper start dog training school today at PetSmart. It's an 8-week course and hopefully Pepper will learn to stop jumping on people. I don't care if she doesn't learn anything else but that.

Other than that, not much to update on. My posts will probably become sporadic because now that I'm working, my computer time is limited.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Uncle Bob is on a scanning frenzie and I'm sharing all the jewels he's sending me.

Here are pictures of my family trip to Chris Lindsay's wedding in Ohio. Boy, was that something, thank goodness it ended in divorce. Anyhow, my hair is nasty long, but my cute dress makes up for it, and the fact that this is the first time I've seen this picture of me and my Dad jamming out on the dance floor is pretty cool. The others are of my Mom, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Kathy, Jill and Uncle Bob. What fun we used to have as a family cause the thing about those red cups is they're not filled with juice!!

Here's a really cool one!!

Thing about people my age, most of our fathers were drafted and served somewhere. My dad has four siblings, he's the middle child. Marikay, John (died in January 2008), my dad is Ted, Bob and Kathy. Back in the draft days, most of the guys went to Vietnam, but if there was a sibling already there, I believe they wouldn't send another family member. (Am I right?) Any how, Uncle John went to Vietnam, while he was there my Dad was drafted and sent to Germany. Uncle John was released, my Dad was still in Germany so they took Bobby to Vietnam. Sucks. Here are pictures of them:

Top Left: Uncle John, Top Right: Uncle Bob
Middle Left: Uncle John, Middle: Uncle Bob, Middle Right: My Dad
Bottom: My Dad (look at those ears!!)

I need a scanner!!! I can do this all day.

Chris Lindsay

This is a picture of my cousin, Chris Lindsay, who is mear weeks older than I am, bullying me around as an infant. The bullying never stopped. I have story after story being of being brutally beaten by him and his brother. Lost teeth, hospital stays, concussions, you name it. BTW: I'm obviously the cute one in the dress.

Me in 5th Grade

Pearls and Avon earrings. Thinking I was going to be Michael J. Fox's girlfriend.

*image courtesoy of my Uncle, Bob Lindsay (the annoymous comment leaver).

Friday, January 2, 2009


2008 was a good year. I'm thankful the kids are happy and healthy. I'm grateful I have such an amazing husband that goes to work every day for his family only to come home from work and work some more for us. He doesn't complain or moan about the money we spend running around town, all while he's busting is butt for us. He never complained about us sleeping until 9 am while he was up and out by 7:15. He was drowned by tears and whining when he would walk through the door most days, and he would greet them with hugs and kisses. He's my rock.

My Dad is now retired and although my Mom had a rough end of the year with her job situation, she is back on her feet for 2009. I'm glad to have my parents so close to us. They are involved with the kids daily and that is something that is irreplaceable, to them, the kids and to us. And my Dad did exercise once this summer. that's an improvement. We are happy to report that Jason's parents are healthy. We didn't get to see them this year, but Tyler did get to go out there this summer for an extended visit. I only wish we had more time with Jason's parents. I hope 2009 brings that.

We had a rough January 2008 with the death of my Uncle John, my dad's oldest brother. His passing was very hard on all of us and we miss him daily. But because of that, I am closer to certain family members that I only used to talk to on occasion.

Spring time our family moved into our new house (April) and we've loved every minute of it. Our neighbors, Sallie and Harold, have become great friends and extended family. The community welcomed us with open arms and we've made several good friends out here. The schools are working out great. The neighborhood is nice. Our house is messy and our yard is big and full of toys, swing set and trampoline. We do miss living close to Robyn's family and Tyler's friend Josh, but we've been able to keep in touch. Not as much as I would like too, but we still do. Spring is also when Tyler turned 8, Olivia turned 2 and Tyler had his First Communion.

We had a summer full of surgeries and hospital visits. Abbe had a scare and ended up in the hospital with her bug bite. She healed up pretty quickly. Olivia had her tubes put in and we've seen some improvement although she still doesn't listen (I'm sure she hears us now). Jason had his hand surgery this summer as well, and thankfully he too had a speedy recovery. Other than that, we had a glorious summer full of swimming and lazy days. A summer I don't think I'll forget any time soon. Abbe turned 4 with a low-key birthday party at Pump-It Up. We also spent a lot of time around the ole' fire pit with the Meyer family, roasting marshmallows and making fun of Red.

Fall came and went. It seems like there wasn't much of a fall. Maybe because the summers are so hot, cause we are adjusting to school starting or maybe because the subdivision we live in is new and without trees (and grass for that matter). Sarah's Superstars participated in the Down Syndrome walk and although we couldn't walk, we were glad to be able to help donate. Speaking of Sarah, 2008 was an AMAZING year for her. She's changed and grown so much! We did have a nice Halloween with Celly and Lincoln in town. Fall is also when we added on to our family. Pepper was born on August 15th and she came home to us in October some time. Everyone loves Pepper. She's a playful pooch that keep the kids and Jason happy. October was a hard month for my Aunt Kathy and cousin Alex, but every day I think of them and pray for them. Every day.

Winter and the holidays seemed to hit us fast! We had an amazing party for Abbe Mae and her friends that I will never, ever forget. I know this is going to sound corny, but it was pretty dang magical. Uncle Jimmy came in for Christmas and we got to spend time with the kids. They LOVE Uncle Jimmy. I only wish we could of spent time with Jason's family as well. But we will soon.

All in all, 2008 was great. There seemed to be much happening this year in our country and in our world. I'm thankful we haven't been hit as hard by the financial woes some people are experiencing and that we are able to help give back through church and our community. But mostly, I'm thankful my family and friends are all healthy and happy. And for that, we are all blessed.

Wilderness at the Smokies

We had a pretty cool few days! The indoor water park was nice. I do have to say that even though it was indoor, it wasn't really "warm". It's nothing like swimming on a hot summer day. I must admit, I did enjoy the huge hot tub that went outside. The kids had a blast and could swim every minute all day long if we let them!

The drive is only about 2.5 to 3 hours long, but as you can imagine, riding with the girls makes it feel like 2.5 days. We literally pulled out of the subdivision and Abbe began with the how long until we are there questions. It was pretty bad. These two girls of mine are so high-maintenance. Oh, and very vocal.

Once we arrived, we realized just how fancy this place was. It's HUGE. It's all brand new. And it was packed. Check-in was at four, and of course, at four our room wasn't ready. It's okay cause we had to run and shop cause my husband loaded the car with all the bags but ours. Ahhhhhh. Love, isn't it divine? So we had a quick dinner at the Roadhouse and then shot over to Walmart for quick pickups and toiletries. I got stuck buying an ugly $30 bathing suit but beggars can't be choosers - it was NYE and every thing was closing!

We went back, checked in and quickly changed and headed to the pool area. It was packed with clowns, a DJ and lots and lots of kids. Tyler's little buddy Austin joined us and he is VERY well behaved and well mannered. He was so good, it was hard to remember him! We told him that he could come on our next trip and even plan it cause he was so good, but I think he was ready to get away from my girls. Tyler was glad to have someone run around with. The boys had a blast on the FLOW RIDER, which is the thing that shoots water so you can either body board or surf board. I wanted to get on it SO BAD but was afraid I'd look like a drowning cow, so I didn't. I did get on the storm chaser water slide with the boys. I screamed louder than they did.

Any how, it's good to be home and start on a routine. Next week is my big work week so we need to get organized!! I'm looking forward to it!