Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baseball vs. Hair Salon

Jason signed Tyler up for baseball this season. Although T-diddy loves to play, if something else pops up, he drops baseball like an old habit.

Prime example. Tyler likes to go get his hair cut at the salon with his Nana. They make appointments every 8 weeks. Tyler's appointment was today, so was baseball practice.

The tears started flowing last night when Jason gave Tyler the speech about commitment and not letting his team down by missing a practice. Tyler could only focus on missing his hair appointment, cause you know, he's too good to go to Fantastic Sam's with Jason.

It came to a head this morning when Tyler woke up and asked Jason again about missing practice. Jason told him it was his decision, hoping he make the RIGHT decision.

His haircut better look slammin'.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Had to get up and take Abbe Mae to the dentist yesterday to have a filling put in her cavity. The pediatric dentist. At 8 am. Downtown Nashville. Traffic. She was hungry (couldn't eat cause she was going to drink some bubble gum relaxer). Olivia was fussy.

Typical Burden situation.

Oh and did I mention it was going to cost me $200 bucks out of pocket?

Finally get down there, both girls are starving. Wait about 10 minutes and Abbe looks at me with 'that' look. That puke look.

She announces, "I'm going to puke!" I run her to the bathroom and she pukes her little guts out. We quickly reschedule (a full month's waiting list) and head out. She didn't feel good all day.

Now today is my turn. I feel queasy. Fever and home from work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

<<<< Flash Back >>>>>

Photo of Jen sitting at the desk of People magazine after her Today Show apparence.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Relay For Life Cancer Fundraiser

Friday night I went to a Relay For Life Cancer Fundraiser. Most common cancer for women is breast cancer. For men? Lung cancer.


Baseball Practice

Tyler is playing baseball this year. The practices are long. Four hours on Saturday. Then tomorrow night, there is a two-hour practice that starts at 8 pm. EIGHT PM!! He is on Spring Break, but still! Thankfully, Jason is all into this and I can just chill with the girlies at home.

Yard Work

Today, something happened that is rare in our household.

Jason and I worked on a project together and didn't fight. Shocking, right?

It was a beautiful, sunny day out in Nashville with a high of about 65. I've been wanting to put the edging brick around the front garden areas of our house for sometime now. Today was my lucky day!

Jason ran up to Lowe's, trailer in tow, to buy the materials. I couldn't believe how easy it was to do it. We did the first front area in less than an hour. We decided to move on and work on the other front area, but needed more materials. Off to Lowe's again, and once we came back, we finished up in less than 30 minutes. Fast, easy and it looks pretty dang good!

I'll post pictures once we actually plant flowers.

My man bought me this!

I've been upgraded!

Think I can get the flat screen out of the bedroom?

I'm preparing to start working on our bedroom and have always had an interest in Feng Shui.

A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that invites you, lures you in, excites and calms at the same time. A good feng shui bedroom is fun and pleasurable to be in, either you are there for a quick nap, a good night sleep or to make passionate love!

To create a good feng shui bedroom, you can use a variety of simple, practical feng shui tools, such as the basic feng shui tips below:

Let go of the TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom. The good feng shui energy in your bedroom is destroyed when these items are present in your bedroom.

Watch the feng shui bedroom tips free video (2 min)

Open the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen . Be mindful of the quality of air in your bedroom. You cannot have good feng shui in your bedroom if the air you breathe in is stale and full of pollutants. Please note that plants in the bedroom are not good feng shui, unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

Have several levels of lighting in your bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly. Good, appropriate lighting is very important, as light is our # 1 nutrient and one of the strongest manifestation of energy. Candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting, but be sure to buy candles with no toxins.

Use soothing colors to achieve a good feng shui balance in your bedroom. Feng Shui bedroom decor is a balanced decor that promotes the best flow of energy for restorative sleep, as well as sexual healing. Best feng shui colors for the bedroom are considered the so-called "skin colors", and we know the colors of human skin vary from pale white to rich chocolate brown. Choose colors within this range that will work best for your bedroom decor.

Watch the feng shui color tips free video (2 min)

Choose the images for your bedroom wisely, as images carry powerful feng shui energy. Best feng shui advice for the bedroom art is to choose images that you want to see happening in your life. Unless you enjoy being sad and lonely, do not use sad and lonely images in your bedroom.

Follow the basic feng shui guidelines for your Bed, which are:
have your bed easily approachable from both sides,
have two bedside tables (one on each side), and,
avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door.
A "good looking" and well-balanced bed is very important in creating a perfect feng shui bedroom. Good mattress, solid headboard and high quality sheets from natural fibers are also very important in creating harmonious feng shui energy.

Keep all the bedroom doors closed at night, be it the closet doors, the en-suite bathroom door or the bedroom door. This will allow for the best and most nourishing flow of energy to strengthen your health, as well as the health of your relationship.
The idea of a perfect feng shui bedroom may bring different images to different people, but they will all have one thing in common - Pleasure and Dreaming as the keywords. In a good feng shui bedroom, every item will reflect the clear intent for love, healing and relaxation.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Olivia's Birthday Party

My baby girl turns three tomorrow! We celebrated by taking her best friends to Build-A-Bear. We had cupcakes and presents in the food court. I was unsure how it was going to go, but it was our only option as there is not a party room at BAB. The party started early, at 10:30, but I'm glad we did it that way cause the mall was packed by noon. Packed! Anyhow, we all husseled over to BAB at 11:00 and it was a blast. I really enjoy having parties outside of my house. It allows me to relax and enjoy. The kids picked out their bear, voice box, and sat down to wait to stuff them. They each got two hearts, then they each kissed one and made a wish for Olivia, and stuck it in her bear!! It was so cute! They stuffed, washed, dressed and named their bears. It was fun. And easy!

This was the group picture but Sarah kept trying to escape!

And in typical Olivia fashion, two different shoes for her party!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I had a great weekend away. A fantastic weekend. I ate, drank and slept a lot. And shopped a ton too. It was perfect, but I missed my little family. It was so good to see the girls and Jason at the airport!! It seemed like the girls grew overnight. Tyler didn't come to the airport cause he's 8 and I guess he has better things to do.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Luck

This weekend Nashville - Low-to-mid 70's

This weekend Miami - Mid 70's

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Parites Booked!

Olivia turns three on 3/15/2009. We have invited 10 of her closest friends to a Build-A-Bear birthday party.

Tyler turns nine on 3/29/2009. He decided he would like to invite 5 of his closest friends to the movies and back to our house for pizza and cake. It's funny cause I gave him a budget and tried to get him to pick out something within the budget. He comes back with this idea and asked if he could have the "leftover" cash as a present.

The thing is, Tyler's birthday is at the end of Spring Break. So to insure attendance (we learned the hard way a few years ago) we will be having his party on the same day we have Olivia's.

Olivia's AM and Tyler PM.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it??


I cannot wait!!

I leave on Thursday for a relaxing and lazy weekend in Miami!!!

Melt Down

I had a major melt down yesterday. Basically tired of my house being disaster central. Jason calmed me down, cause he's the best husband ever, and told me we had to get rid of some of our stuff.

So I did. Starting with the girls clothes. I went into Olivia's closet and took out 22 pairs of pants. Yes, I said it. 22 pairs of pants. And I left her with at least 10. The same ones she wears over and over, plus a few extra. Then on to Abbe Mae's closet and did the same. Then started the toys and the books. Tons and tons of books. I had no choice but to pack at least half of them up. We just have too much stuff.

After we cleaned their rooms, I noticed that the carpets in both of their rooms were purple and blue. I guess Olivia got some play dough as a gift from a party at school. They quietly opened it up and smeared it all over the carpet. I'm sure it's ruined. So glad we bought this house. So glad.