Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft Room

The drywaller has finished sanding up my craft room. I'm going to clean it up really well this weekend and start to paint. Hopefully, I'll have a completed room by the end of May!!


Olivia is something else. She blows my mind daily. She's no longer a little baby, even though I tell her I don't want her to grow anymore and she pretends to be my baby. She speaks so clear. Almost better than Abbe! And smart as a whip too. It's crazy how much Abbe teaches her. She sings the days of the weeks and months in the year with Abbe.

She started a full-time preschool last week. She loves it. We were surprised how well she adjusted. She can't wait to know all the Presidents like the other kids in her class. Her Grandmother picked her up from school today and they went and had milkshakes and shopped at Target.

Life is grand for this three-year old.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random things said in my house the last few days

Abbe Mae: I feel my super powers coming on. Oh no, it's just gas.


Jason: What the heck kind of glasses are those your wearing?
Me: My faux Ed Hardy's, you like?
Jason: Hell no.
Me: Be glad I didn't buy the real ones.


Abbe Mae: Mommy, make my hair straight like Chloe.
Me: No, your hair is super cute curly, you don't have to be like her, you can be yourself.
Abbe Mae: No, I look like you and your ugly, I want to look like Chloe.
Me: Thanks.


Me: We need to pick up a cake this weekend to Celebrate Vanessa's graduation.
Abbe Mae: A Hannah Montana cake?
Me: No, a graduation cake.
Abbe Mae: Well if she's a visitor at our house, she should behave and eat the cake we give her. A Hannah cake.


Me: Tyler, you want to go to Mass with me at 6:15 for the sunrise service?
Tyler: Are they having an Easter egg hunt?


Jason and I arguing about who does more.

Me: Fine, we will do every thing together as a family from now on. All of us will load up and go every where together, all the time.
Jason: I'd love that. We can all go grocery shopping together, baseball games, Home Depot.
Me: Church, movies, every thing together as a family.

Twenty minutes later, the girls and I left to see Hannah Montana and Jason and Tyler went to Logan's and Home Depot.

Ahhhhh, togetherness.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Abbe Mae's BFF is Chloe. She loves Chloe.

Abbe Mae mentioned that today, Chloe played centers with Georgia, and she didn't have anyone to play with.

I didn't think much of it.

We had to make a Target run this evening. While there, Abbe Mae hurt her finger. She began to ball. An unbelievable cry.

As the tears were flowing, I dropped to her side and hugged her. I knew immediately something more was going on. She said, "Everyone was hurting her. Target hurt her finger. And Chloe hurt her feelings by playing with Georgia."

My heart hurt. It hurt so bad. I hugged my little angel and wiped her tears away and told her it was going to be okay. I told her that there were plenty of friends she has to chose from in her class. Chloe will always be #1, but she has other friends that would love to play with her.

It didn't matter. She was hurting. I hugged her tight. I don't want her hurt. EVER.

So I bought her a bikini to help her get over the whole Centers situation. And would it be horrible for me to keep her home from school to hang with me tomorrow??

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Party

One after another it seems.

Abbe Mae was invited to a swim birthday party. Say what?

Yes, a swim party. I had no idea, but the city next to us has an indoor water park-type of thing. Wave pool, kids area, etc.

The lady was nice enough to invite siblings as well, so I'll take Olivia with me and give Jason and Tyler a night of freedom.

I call to RSVP and to get the details of the party. After the casual BS-type of stuff, I say, "So, do I have to wear a bathing suit?" And the other mom said, "This is a major area of concern for all the parents that are calling!"

Nice to no I'm not the only vein person in the world.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 over 3

I must admit, I'm REALLY starting to love the stage the kids are in. I'm finally out of the "have to carry a bag of clothes, sippy cups, can't go out around nap time, you keep one and I'll take the other two, finding something age appropriate for everyone in my herd" stage.

Life is getting so much easier.

And more fun.

The kids are at ages where they are all excited about doing the same thing. It's no longer a chore to do something alone with them. We can go to baseball games, movies, restaurants, playgrounds, just to name a few. Today I was solely able to take all three kids to lunch and grocery shopping without a fuss or fight. Nobody fell asleep in the car, nobody cried for a sippy cup. I didn't have to run all three into the bathroom to change a diaper. No tantrums, no chasing kids, no tears from me. It was just me and the crew running errands drama free.

After we did our shopping, we came home to fly kites. They were all thrilled. THRILLED! It was super duper windy outside and the cheap kites I bought held up for a long time in the hurricane force winds. Then they all rode their bikes, played with the outside toys nicely.

I still adore newborn babies, but life with three over three is awesome!

Whats wrong with this picture?

Easter Bunny

Some pictures of the Hendersonville Medical Center Easter Egg Hunt this weekend:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleepover, Easter Egg Hunt and Tyler's Movie Birthday Party

These are our plans tomorrow night through Saturday night.

Followed by tequilla.

440 Sq Feet

We added 440 square feet to our patio today and a sidewalk from the driveway to the back patio as well. It's exciting. Too bad I can't post pictures of it cause a monsoon hit us this afternoon. I'm so glad that big ass concrete truck was out of our yard before it hit cause it would've been stuck forever.

We have BIG plans for our back yard. BIG.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009