Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

King of Pop. Don't get me wrong, I liked MJ back in the day, but I can't let go of the craziness that surrounded him. I get that there is a lot of money involved and that he could be targeted for that, but the whole child molestation charges never left my mind. His strange disposition and obsession with childhood. Just not something I'm into.

Now we get to read about this day after day. Let the man rest in peace. Hopefully there is a Maker for him to meet and his fate will be decided then.

And the die hard fans that are standing outside the Apollo and in LA, really, is that necessary?? Where were they when he was going to trial? Didn't he leave the country for some time due to all this trail stuff? Where was the support then?

I just don't get the obbession.


We finished up VBS tonight. The kids loved it, of course. I'm so glad they like going to church.......wait Church.

I took a few days off this week and although I didn't volunteer this year (I deserve to sit out one year in four!), I missed it. All of the kids are growing so fast and they are so excited and positive. It's refreshing. I have to say that they ladies that organized VBS this year went far above and beyond. They have such spirit and dedication. Yesterday after VBS, they invited families to pack a lunch and participate in a music festival. It was a good time. I'm thankful for all the friends and support I've received at my church.....Church. I'm not super-duper religious, but I do love the place.

Tyler - the dog sitter

Miserable. He's all about the money, but not about the work. I feel like I'm complaining to him all day long! Did you walk down and walk Jodi's dogs? Did they do their business? Did they escape? Did they have enough time playing? Did you feed them? It's more work for Mommy than it's worth, I'm sure. When asked how much he charged, he proclaimed, $2 dollars a day. Fantastic.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching Up

Life is so busy! I must fill you in on all the boring, yet daily details!

1. Girls started swim lessons this evening. They seemed to really like it! It helps that Robyn, Elijah and Sarah are there. Lately, Abbe Mae has been really attached to me. I'm not sure if it's cause I'm working now or cause she's getting attention from it, but I've never been one to give in. I peel her off and send her on her way. That's what I had to do this evening at swim lessons. But she had a blast! After her lesson, she ran up and yelled, "I went ALL the way under!!" These lessons are daily for the next two weeks. Olivia goes with Jason and does well too.

2. Tyler's baseball ended last Saturday. His team did pretty well. His new thing is he wants to take guitar. He's been asking me this for a long time, I just have to get it going.

3. For Father's Day, we are taking the family to Atlanta to see the Red Sox play the Braves. We are going to spend the night down there and hit up the aquarium the next day. Shout out to my girl Melissa for buying me five tickets to the game. *Fingers crossed I'll get to visit IKEA!*

4. BIG party here on the 4th of July. All are invited. Well, almost all! :)

5. Tyler and Abbe started Vacation Bible School today. Again, had to peel Abbe Mae off of me to drop her off. She even knows this lady! I think she's way over-tired these days. This is the first year in FOREVER I didn't volunteer for VBS. I really kind of miss it too. I signed up to teach a class and they ended up with more volunteers than students this year. So I backed down and decided not to take the vacation time for it. I am taking off a few days this week though to help out a friend in need.

6. My brother comes next week for a visit. The kids will love it!

7. Jason has been working really hard in the yard this week. I looked and looked for patio furniture that I like that would last. I have a hard time spending two to three grand on furniture that will be garbage in a few years. So he built some and we bought some. I guess in the end we ended up spending a lot any how between the wood and buying all the chairs. I bought four rod-iron bar swivel bar stools for the bar area and then 9 rod-iron regular chairs for the table and sitting area. It looks great! Oh, and an umbrella - can't forget that.

8. My neighbor Sallie came over on Saturday night. She said, "We going to drink tonight?" I said, "Twist my arm!" Two Long-Island Iced Teas later I stumbled inside. She was trying to show me up.

9. Olivia was sick this weekend. Took her to clinic and she had a tonsil thing and ear infection. She's all better now, my sweet princess, but I kept her home with me today anyhow.

10. Tyler is dog sitting. I should say, Mommy is dog sitting. Our friends down the street are out of town this week and he, I mean me, have been going down and taking care of things while they are gone.

And that's about it for now. I'm sure there is more, I just can't think of it all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Stolen Picture

This is worth the read! Insane!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Project Update

This project started out being a simple "lets build something to put the grill on" to Club 417.

Its 14' long x 5' deep. The bar is 9' long. Jen picked out some wrought iron bar chairs Saturday at Home Depot.

Working on getting lights wired up and running two more speakers outside.