Saturday, January 30, 2010







It snowed in Nashville! I left work at about 2 pm yesterday and the roads weren't horrible, but I think that changed overnight. This morning when I let Pepper out, she ran out and slid right on top of the snow. It was pretty funny! There is a solid sheet of ice over the snow.

Looks like its going to be an inside day for us. Our plans of running around and our lined-up babysitter are on hold. Boo!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Three kids, things never slow down! My computer time is so limited these days.

Let me see:

-I celebrated my 37 (!!!) birthday last Friday. It was very low-key. My lovie took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was very nice and quiet!

-I didn't get a gift cause I'm taking a trip to Chicago soon! Yeah me!

-Kids have been good. We've struggled with all the time off from school and adjusting to getting back in gear.

-Jason and I are working on decorating our bedroom. Very exciting stuff happening in our love palace which will include cool grey walls, a new king-size bed with a sleek small box spring, and a clutter-free minimal design. I'm going semi-fung shway but with a

-We had a busy weekend this weekend with two birthday parties, Girl Scouts, and a trip to the Circus.

-Olivia is loving dance and we just ordered her costume for her recital. I don't know if she'll participate, but she'll look good.

-Olivia is gearing up to turn 4 in March. I've booked her party at Pump-It-Up in March.

-Tyler is doing well with guitar. Although he doesn't practice, he enjoys his lessons. He's also doing Boy Scouts and has been busy with that.

-Tyler turns DOUBLE DIGITS in March as well. Thinking of a hotel party for him. When do we stop with the parties anyway??

-Abbe Mae had a World Tour w/Girl Scouts this weekend. The theme was to help with world hunger. She also is taking a dance clinic sponsored by the Wilson County High School Dance team. On February 2nd, the girls will perform at half time of the high school basketball game. Can't wait to see her dance.

-Jason is talking about the kids on a trip to Maine over spring break. I think they'd have a good time.

-My parents are doing well. They've been hanging out with our neighbors a lot lately.

-I cannot wait for spring and summer!!!!

-My parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this April. I want to do something for them just not sure what!

-I've heard several horrible stories lately in regards to kids my kids know. It breaks my heart to have to know that any child has lived or suffered a hard life. I just want to take care of all of them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday, the girls went out and did some shopping. When I say some, it's a slight understatement. We hit up JCPenney, Old Navy, Home Goods, Target and then lunched at Red Lobster. We wrapped up our day out by hitting Publix to buy some fine drink mixers.

I came home, started a fire and cleaned the house. I threw down my new center rug, fluffed up my new couch pillows, lite some candles and waited for our friends to arrive for dinner.

We had a great time. Good margaritas, great handmade pizzas by Jason, interesting conversation and just an all around relaxing time.

I love Saturdays.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Predators Game

Tonight the family bundled up and went downtown to the Predators game. Of course, we are not huge hockey fans, but got some great (free) seats in the fourth row of the bowl and a VIP parking pass that could not be passed up. It was a fun time and we really enjoyed it. The kids were well behaved; wish I could say the same for some of the foul mouth fans around us!

That brings me to discuss the Pred Girls. You know, the skimpy outfits, boobs hanging out, practical three inch healed boots while walking on the ice? Yeah, those girls. They normally never bother me but it irritated me that little Abbe Mae was so entranced by them! And how she began to clap and yell "good job" like the male role models around her when they came out to clean the ice. It's not how you get attention ladies!!

Predators lost, but we had a good time. Wouldn't exactly call it a family nite, but it was fun.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

C-Section Pain

Every once in a while, I'll have that bad pain. That wrong twist I make, or trying to get up from a laying down position too fast - and WHAM!!! I get that horrible c-section pain. The pain that literally brings me to a halt. The pain that takes my breath away. The pain that I don't know how else to explain other then the ligaments, and all the junk in the tummy area that just hurts!

I had it today. Almost brought a tear to my eye. In about 40-45 seconds it was gone.

Is it just me?

Olivia's Princess Room

I was hoping to wait long enough and she would outgrow the desire for a pink princess room. But that never happened. Since she is only three, I decided to grant her wish. She has a pink and green princess room. I worked all day yesterday painting it and Jason hung up and finished the chair rail today. I assembled her pink desk, put on her new comforter and put some princess stickers on the wall. It looks like a princess puked princess stuff all over the room.

And she loves it.

I guess that's all that matters. I have a few things left to do. I ordered curtains and they should be here this week. Also, thankfully, we went to Disney this year so I ordered all the prints I have of her and the real life princesses and will frame/hang those this week and I'm done!

We have slowly painted most of the rooms in the house so far and just have a few left. We waited a year to paint so that that when we had our year inspection and they fixed the drywall, we would have a good start. But now it's almost been TWO years and have several few rooms left. Exciting stuff. I do have to paint the hall bathroom and I'm not looking forward to that. Today we went and looked at backsplash for the kitchen and that is a really tough decision, but it too needs to be done. Hopefully we'll be all finished up so in the spring we'll have time and energy to really focus on the outside!